Animal Farm Compared to The Russian Revolution Assignment

Animal Farm Compared to The Russian Revolution Assignment Words: 2021

The book Animal Farm written by George Orwell was not just meant for people to read for enjoyment, but he wrote this book to represent the Russian Revolution. The events that happened in the book Animal farm, signifies real events that happened of animals and replaced real people with animals. For example, Orwell made Czar Nicholas the Second the owner of the farm, he also made Old Major the pig Vladimir Lenin, and instead of coming up with communism, old major came up with minimalism. The Russian Revolution was one of the most important events in history. With out the

Russian Revolution, there would be no such thing as communism, and Russia and other parts of the world would probably still be under dictator’s rule. History The Russian Revolution began in March of 1917 and lasted until 1945. The Russian Revolution stared all because of one guy, Tsar Nicholas the Second. While Russian was faced with poverty, Tsar Nicholas lived a life of luxury. Russia was outraged and ignoramus riots broke out all over Russia. With these riots getting bigger and more powerful everyday, Tsar Nicholas the Second was forced to abdicate in March of 1997, this ended the reign of the Romano Dynasty.

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BBC) This was the first revolution of many. Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the Bolshevik Party that seized control in the 1917 Revolution. Lenin was inspired by Karl Marx theory of communism. Vladimir Lenin evolved Mar’s theory and turned it into his own. The theme of Communism urges workers to unite against their economic oppressors and that the communal way of life will allow people of all classes to get paid all the said. (Britannica) Lenin died before he could see his plan rise into action. One of Linen’s friends who also agreed with the idea of communism was Leon Trotsky.

Leon Trotsky was a very good public speaker and wanted to improve life for everyone in Russia. When Linen’s health declined Joseph Stalin took increasing control over the party, which at the time the democratic and open nature of the Russian system began to slip away. Stalin began removing his political opponents from the soviets and took on an authoritarian position. (BBC) Lenin tried to get the cooperation of Leon Trotsky to oppose Stalin but it was too late, Stalin had already consolidated too much power.

Before Vladimir Lenin died he warned against Josephs power, urged the Soviet yester to become more open and democratic, and that Stalin be removed from his position. In 1928 the first of Stalin’s plans went into effect. By 1930 the New Economy Policy was officially ended, and forced acclimatization began. Under Stalin’s leadership rapid industrialization took place. Although Stalin’s rule was harsh, the industrialization that took place during the sass shocked the world and the living conditions of most Russians did improve.

In 1934, at the 17th Soviet Congress, there was a vote against Stalin’s leadership. At the congressional sessions members voted or who they wanted to head the party by voting against who they did not want. Stalin received the most votes against him. (Marxist) However, Stalin had the loyalty of destroyed. Stalin then proceeded to have most of the 1300 members of the 17th congress murdered. After Stalin took power most of the Marxist revolutionaries were either imprisoned in Siberia, executed, exiled, or they fled the country.

Many of the socialist revolutionaries that fled Russia when Stalin took power traveled to other countries and organized Communist political parties in an effort to spread social evolution. (Britannica) Stalin eventually had Leon Trotsky assassinated while Trotsky was in hiding in Mexico. Book The book Animal Farm by George Orwell was not Just interesting, but also very factual. This book is about animal on a farm uprising against their farmer and who life goes with animals only to govern the farm. In the beginning the most respected animal on the farm, a pig called Old Major, called everyone to a meeting in the farm.

Old Major tells the entire animal about the idea that came to him in a dream. The idea was that one-day animal would rise against their owners and take control; he called this idea, Minimalism. All of they animals are for Old Major’s idea, but Old Major dies before he can see Minimalism happen. One day when Mr.. Jones, the farmer of the animals, forgets to feed the animals. The starving animals decided they had enough of Mr.. Jones’ horrible treatment and decided to break into the shed where the food was kept. Mr.. Jones heard the animals and ran out with his gun and tried to get them away.

Before Jones has anytime to get them away from the shed, the animals attack him making him flee from the farm. With Jones now gone the animals put minimalism into full force. They animals now paint on the side of the barn the 10 commandments that Old Major had given them. All of the commandments have to do with never becoming like man because man is the enemy. The animals decide to change the name of the farm from Manor Farm to Animal Farm to represent there new revolution. Three pigs are the main leaders of the Farm, Snowball, Napoleon, and Squealer.

While Snowball was trying to put Old Major’s idea to action, Napoleon had other plans. Napoleon had taken puppies to rain them to do what ever he says, and when the puppies are full grown dogs they will represent his own army. While the animals start figuring out Napoleon’s plan Napoleon and Squealer decide to distract the animals by bringing the television in from Jones’ house. Mr.. Jones and his friends come back to the farm to try to take it back. The animals knew that one day this would happen so they were prepared.

When the humans first came they had a barraged of pigeons to poop on them as a distraction while geese bite their ankles. Soon after the geese attack the whole farm of animals attack the unmans. The humans decide to fight back with their guns; one of them shoots Snowball charring towards the humans, and injures him. Snowball tries to help the farm more by suggesting the idea to build a windmill to help decrease the amount of work. When Napoleon see that everyone is all for Finally to end the fighting, Napoleon urinates on the blueprint of the windmill and lets out a shrieking noise.

The noise was to call the puppies, now full grown dogs in to chase Snowball off the farm. The puppies successfully chase Snowball off the farm and is never to be seen again. Now with Napoleon the leader of the farm he tries to convince the rest of the farm that Snowball was a trader working with the humans and that the windmill was Napoleon’s idea all along. The animals of the farm started to build the windmill and would always work as hard as they could each day. Boxer the horse worked the hardest of them all. After a hard day of work the animal would get little or no food while the pig would have a feast.

Mr.. Frederick, Mr.. Jones’ neighbor, spies on the farm and now find out that the animals can talk. Mr.. Frederick convinces the pigs to trade with him. The pigs agree even though it is against one of the 10 commandments that old Major gave them. Slowly, almost all the commandments were changed at night to fit with what the pigs wanted. The changed no animal shall sleep in a bed to no animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets; and No animal should kill another animal to No animal should kill another animal without cause.

To get back at the animals for taking his farm, Mr.. Jones decides to blow up the windmill. Once the animals find out that all their hard work was destroyed Napoleon and Squealer blamed the destruction of the windmill on Snowball. Napoleon now wants the animals to work twice as hard as they did before to rebuild the windmill faster. Boxer working as hard as he can works too hard and gets hurt on the Job. Once Boxer is deemed that he cannot work again, Napoleon finds no use for him.

Napoleon claims that he is sending boxer to the animal hospital but in fact Napoleon is selling Boxer to a glue factory to get money for alcohol; which is breaking another commandment from Old Major. With Mr.. Frederick still trading with the Animals, the pigs are getting more money, and with the money they get they use it to buy whiskey. The pigs soon develop an addiction to whiskey and will do anything to get more money to buy more whiskey with. Now the pigs are acting exactly like humans, dressing like humans, acting like humans; the pigs a genially trying to be like humans.

Years later, the pigs invited the humans over to play cards and the animals of the farm look in through the window only to see that they can not tell the difference between the humans and the pigs. Compare and Contrast The event in the book Animal Farm by George Orwell, signify real events that happened in the Russian Revolutions. Animal Farm is basically the Russian Revolution, but from an Animal’s point of view. The historical events that happened in the Russian revolution are in Animal Farm but adapted to life on a farm instead of life in Russia. Mr.. Jones, the farmer was a cruel owner and irresponsible of his animals.

Mr.. Jones is supposed to represent Tsar Nicholas the Second who was a very cruel, a poor leader, and did not really care for the citizens of Russia, only for his wellbeing. Both Jones and Nicholas were thrown out of their position as a leader. Old before he can see his plan but into action. Old Major is supposed to represent Vladimir Lenin who came up with the idea of Communism and he died before he saw his idea in use. Minimalism and Communism supposed to represent the same thing, everyone owns the land not Just one person, no rich but no poor, workers get a better life, and all workers are equal.

Snowball is representing Leon Trotsky, a great public speaker, followed the rules of minimalism/communism, and we both chased away by the secret by the apposing force. In Snowball’s case he was chased out my Napoleon’s army of puppies and Trotsky was chased out by Linen’s secret police (KGB). Napoleon was supposed to represent Joseph Stalin. They were both bad public speakers, not well educated, selfish, cruel, killed anyone who got in his way, and used the secret army/puppies and propaganda/ Squealer to control the citizens.

Squealer represented the propaganda used to get everyone on Stalin’s side, while Squealer did the same thing by getting all the animals on Napoleon’s side. The puppies represented the secret police or the KGB. Boxer represented dedicated but tricked communist supporters. Boxer and the communist were hard working people who strongly believed in minimalism or communism. The leader who they so dearly trust, traded them; boxer was sold to the glue factor for whiskey money, and the communist were left starving to death.

Conclusion The book Animal Farm, written by George Orwell, was a fictional representation of the Russian revolution, and in my opinion it was an accurate representation of the even it portrayed. I believe Animal Farm was a great representation of the Russian Revolution because they events that happened in the story are exactly like what happen in the Russian Revolution, but altered a little bit to fit the theme of animals. Every animal or human in the story represented an actual person or cause from the Russian Revolution.

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