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The person of Interest could be referred as the modern day literature which consists of many different universal themes such as Journey, brotherly love, love, death and power. The themes that are listed are very much alike in comparison to Monte Crisis. The characters may have been expired or made up from past literature works in reference of them. Speaking of characters you have one who has played in both Person of Interest and Monte Crisis. Jim Civilize we know him as the character that played Jesus Christ in the Passion of the Christ, he also played a detective in Monte Crisis.

Civilize plays the role of a former CIA officer who goes by the name of John Reese he has little background on him but I do know, that he has lost a love one by the name of Jessica. He was a former member of the U. S. Army he has skills with weapons he does hand-to-hand combat and surveillance tactics. Love and power is formed in his character, he could be a modern day of odyssey that was also separated from his love one and held power, only differences odyssey was later reunited with his love. The person of Interest revolves around Reese which was hired to prevent crime in New York City.

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He was told that after September 1 1, 2001 a computer base project would be completed to help the government to partake in information. This information would help the government discovery future terrorist attacks. However this computer predicted ordinary crimes as well. This is why he was hired to help Harold Finch who is played by Michael Emerson; these two would show an illustration of brotherly love. Finch in my opinion would be described as in modern day Nannette who was also an inventor; he made up his own religion and worships his god that he made the Ton sun god, where as finch invented a high definition of genealogy.

Where would a King be without his Queen? Jocosely “Joss” Carter would be an example of Infertility working with her husband Generate. Her husband was killed so that changed the tone of her character in my eyes. I believe since she was a single parent mother taking care of her child who name was Taylor in the show made her more of a modern day Hatchets whose husband also died but she had to adopt and marry her child in order to keep her kingdom in order. Tartar P Hanson played women which always kept things in order throughout the show.

Many other harassers can be compared to ancient Queens, Kings, Idols, gods, and goddess. On the other hand The Count of Monte Crisis is an adventurous story, Journey is one the themes as listed above in comparison with Person of Interest. This statement is also listed above that one of the same actors played in both Monte Crisis and Person of Interest. The Count of Monte Crisis is the story about a sailor, Edmond Dances, who was betrayed during the prime of his life and career because of the Jealousy of his friends. His shipmate, Danglers, became Jealous when Edmond was named captain of the ship; Pharaoh.

The character Dances was persisted with the changing of his identity in order to defeat his enemies. His enemies would be his own shipmates who he thought where his friends. Edmond, Danglers and Ferdinand to the Bonaparte committee in Paris. During that time period, this could be considered an act of treason. On his wedding day, Edmond was arrested by and taken before one of the King. He had a love life which shows love if he was getting married but he was hated. His plans were not carried out he was thrown in Jail. While in Jail a man who made a tunnel took 3 years to make by mistake he led himself to

Dances who was also trying to escape and led himself to Farina after all he becomes one of his good friends. Farina taught Dances what he needed to know in order to get revenge on his enemies you can very much consider this brotherly love. He also taught him things he needed for everyday life and survival such as math, history and servile different languages Farina would be considered a smart man. With very little resources in Jail he so happened to make matches, a lantern, a ladder, and a knife to help him on his complete his task.

How did he get these resources and hide them from the guard as well? All of these things show how smart Farina really was. In comparison with the plot of the person of Interest and Monte Crisis some things match such as someone helping another friend with ideals of capturing enemies. In person of interest it would be Reese helping Finch spot the enemies either terrorist or everyday crime whereas in Monte Crisis it would be Farina helping Dances come up with plans in order to defeat his enemies with that being said both of the examples again show brotherly love. DanaГ??s was now thirty-three years old, as we have said, and his fourteen years in prison had brought what might be described as a great parietal change to his features. He had entered the ChiГ??teat dif with the round, full, radiant face of a contented young man whose first steps in life have been easy and who looks to the future as a natural extension of the past All that had changed utterly’ (55) This was a spiritual change as well as an physical change. Edmond smiled when he saw himself.

It would have been impossible for his best friend-??if he had any friends left-??to recognize him; he didn’t recognize himself. (55) When Dances was done being taught what he needed to know he then again changes his identity his time something we know Monte Crisis with being him he desires power this his way of staying low and under cover. He was trying to get to the treasure that Farina told him about before dying death was a part of this story; Edmond took advantage of the death of this friend by switching the bodies this helped him finally escape.

The guards dumped the body which they thought was Farina in the sea. After finishing this story in my personal opinion, because of his desire to get pay back Edmond stooped to the same level as his friends and was really not much better than they were. Although both of these stories shares simulative models Vive noticed a bit more themes that The Count of Monte Crisis established while reading such as Revenge: Edmond was seeking revenge throughout the whole text.

Perseverance: He stayed persistence on what he planned to happen when he found his enemies or gets revenge. Justice: Violent did not serve Justice. Judgment: Was Violent ability to Judge others stem from his personal fails? Transformation: Edmond changed during his lifetime in prison, while being in the outside world as well he changed his name loathing etc. Hatred: the feeling of one who hates which would be examples of Edmond shipmates.

Ambition: His ambition or achievement was to escape from Jail and find the treasure that Farina told him about and repay his enemies. However the been stated numerous of times which brought me to my conclusion after staying up all night reading novels, watching trailers, listening to interviews and researching background information and commenting on blobs. I came to conclusion that both these works have somewhat similarities and both have continuous universal themes found.

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