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Thorpe indicated that myths in advertising create an easy way for an advertiser to incorporate humbly to advance a thirty or sixty-second story-line (Thorpe, 1989). This Post- It commercial appears to create audience responses with the use of emotional effects, but in fact, it only serves to adopt the myth of capitalism. One research has shown that “since the eighties, the use of emotional advertising has substantially increased, accompanied by an increased research interest in the role emotions play in attitude formation”(Genes et al. , 2010).

The Post- It commercial is no different than those emotional advertisements. It uses the social code that assumes people regarding love as simple as a breakfast dead on the dinning table or warmth given by others. Furthermore, Pam also indicates that feelings in advertisements are effective only if these feelings are representative and relevant for the evaluation of the product (Pam, 1998). Looking at the Post-let commercial, it utilizes the voices from people and their perspectives of simple love to represent the lifestyle brand to be as simple as the little great details in life.

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According to researcher, La, advertisers use myth- based story-lines because most people are already familiar with them; they attract and hold a viewer’s attention (Lo 1983, p. 7). In this particular commercial, certain people were interviewed and have shared their own stories that effortlessly create an association between the advertisement and consumers. In the video, it also portrays a daily-life liked scene which perfectly relates to most people’s lifestyle.

Promoting as a lifestyle brand by applying culturally relative perspectives and trends through the commercial attracts viewers to take second looks. According to Saviors, “lifestyle brands are not made to please everyone but to be adored only by those who recognize themselves in the proposition and intend to join” (Saviors et al. 2012). In addition, the myth of cultural in the advertising industry has distinguished itself from others. The idea is that product quality and certain symbolic meanings are closely related to the audience (Saviors et al. , 2012).

Post-let commercial is trying to create a better brand image by interviewing individuals whom can represent the popularity to relate their true story to the product. Furthermore, lifestyle code influences the expression of the brand; a brand can be successful particularly because of certain brand characteristics. Love, in this case, appears to portray the appealing portion of life n which people will unconsciously link the love codes to the product. In Hall’s model of encoding and decoding, this commercial encodes that Post-let note can bring different forms of love towards people.

This code then subconsciously motivates people to relate the product with the positive image of love. The audiences will decode the message as receiving love and warmth in using the product. Relating back to Creature’s model of sign, the heart shape on the wall made of Post-let notes signifies a method of sharing and the prepared breakfast made by whoever cares about the person signifies his or her love. A cup of coffee given by a stranger at the bus stop signifies unexpected warmth enriching the community.

Since the eighties, advertising industry is still growing under the myth of capitalism. Sellers adopt the medium of advertising with emotional appeals and cultural influences to attract customers with the positive sides of the products. Despite knowing that making more profits is the ultimate goal of these vendors, customers are still appealed to their tactics because of the strong relation of sentiments and cultures people make.

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