Hobbies and Interest Change over Time and Are More a Reflection of Trend Assignment

Hobbies and Interest Change over Time and Are More a Reflection of Trend Assignment Words: 1532

Hobby is activity that individuals do for pleasure on the spare time. Most of us have hobby because having a specific interest on something makes our physical and mental balance. We choose hobby base on our own interest and practice it on a regular basis. In today’s fast moving society, many people experience stress on a daily basis. This can cause them many sleepless night. Stress affects us mentally, physically and emotionally. One of the best ways of dealing with stress is having a hobby.

The reasons are that hobbies allow us the ability to unleash our creativity, boost our self esteem, engage in an activity we are passionate about and give us a sense of pleasure and accomplishment. Even though it is obviously that hobbies and interest are reflected by trend and it will change over time. However there are some extend on hobbies reflected by trends and fashion. It is true that fashion directly effects on people’s interest because it is normal that we try to pull the gap within others. So that we would not feel we are out-dated or lack of the awareness of the trends.

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In other words, people cannot live by their own world, they have to get involved with friends family and people around them. Thus they try to follow up the trend and get involved with their surroundings. Nowadays people like to change their day by day activities into the latest trends and also they are following popular things what their surrounding peoples make them popular in their area. Hobbies and interest are different for every one; this is human nature, which is given by god. The current generations peoples are very much interest in the latest trend which makes them happy and also help them to make more money.

For example, the cricket is the most famous games in many of the country, the children and teen ages are starts playing whenever they have free time in their daily life. This makes them will become a star in this game when they reach certain age in their life. One of the reasons why hobbies and interests change over time is that, people tend to attracted by the new things and be able to easily accept new ideas or concept. Due to this, trend can be easily arise and thus only remain for a certain of time. New in the words is always attractive; it might due to the boredom of the matter which people are used to do.

Thus whenever there are new things, people would like to take a try to it. The trends move and change in a fast manner, which might give people the freshness and inquisitiveness. Besides that, some individuals are enthusiasm in learning and exploring something new. It is a process of analysing what are they really interested or suitable in and also to learn extra knowledge to enrich themselves. Thus they might change their interest regularly to figure out what they really want to do and like to do. It is an important section in life especially for youngster to develop a healthy personality or character.

In this cutting edge, media is playing a vital element to every person, as it is affected our daily life. It is consequently affected our hobbies and interest, where most of the youngster are hooked by gaming. Furthermore, hobbies also affected by television as some people’s hobby is watch drama and movies. Internet is one of the main mode of communication between people, where recently the trend of socialise on the internet become more popular especially against the youngster. Today’s youngster trends are more emphasis on the western.

Trend that came from the western will reflects of their civilisation and culture. In the olden days, hobbies are healthier and represent the lifestyle, culture, tradition and background of the person, namely playing kite and chest and readings. Today hobbies are gradually altering from earlier days, where last times people enjoy reading books for knowledge, but today people enjoy reading magazine and entertainment journal. It is not to say that there are totally different from before with now but there are different of people’s hobbies change over time.

While this is true that a number of individuals still following their own trend and they know what they actually want to do in their spare time. Hobbyists who are loyal to their interest are usually involved in sport. Where sport’s is an activity govern by rules or custom and often engaged in competitively. Sport is not just a hobby or interest it can be a career too. Back in the history, existences of sport are founded thousand years ago. Even though as time grows hobbyist might not participate in the hobby anymore for some reason but they turn out to be supporter or fans.

There are many types of hobby where people are tending to involved. For instance collecting, the hobby of collecting consists of acquiring specific items based on a particular interest of the collector. These collections of things are often highly organized, carefully catalogued, and attractively displayed. Since collecting depends on the interests of the individual collector, it may deal with almost any subject. The depth and breadth of the collection may also vary. Some collectors choose to focus on a specific subtopic within their rea of general interest: for example, 19th Century postage stamps, milk bottle labels from Sussex, or Mongolian harnesses and tack. Another type is game; a game is a structured or semi-structured recreational activity, usually undertaken for enjoyment (although sometimes for physical or vocational training). A goal that the players try to reach and a set of rules concerning what the players can or cannot do create the challenge and structure in a game, and are thus central to its definition.

Known to have been played as far back as prehistoric times, games are generally distinct from work, which is usually carried out for remuneration. Because a wide variety of activities are enjoyable, numerous types of games have developed. Some hobbies result in an end product of sorts. Examples of this would be woodworking, photography, jewellery making, playing an instrument, software projects, artistic projects, creating models out of card or paper called paper craft up to higher end projects like building or restoring a car, or building a computer from scratch.

While these may just be for the enjoyment of the hobbyist, they sometimes have potential to be a small business. Cooking is also a common hobby of the hobbyist nowadays. It encompasses a vast range of methods, tools and combinations of ingredients to improve the flavour or digestibility of food. It generally requires the selection, measurement and combining of ingredients in an ordered procedure in an effort to achieve the desired result. Constraints on success include the variability of ingredients, ambient conditions, tools and the skill of the individual cooking.

The diversity of cooking worldwide is a reflection of the myriad nutritional, aesthetic, agricultural, economic, cultural and religious considerations that impact upon it. Cooking requires applying heat to a food which usually, though not always, chemically transforms it, thus changing its flavour, texture, appearance, and nutritional properties. Cooking proper, as opposed to roasting, requires the boiling of water in a receptacle, and was practiced at least since the 10th millennium BC with the introduction of pottery. Besides that, gardening; the art growing plants with the goal of crafting a purposeful landscape.

Residential gardening most often takes place in or about a residence, in a space referred to as the garden. Although a garden typically is located on the land near a residence, it may also be located in a roof, in an atrium, on a balcony, in a window box, or on a patio or vivarium. Gardening also takes place in non-residential green areas, such as parks, public or semi-public gardens (botanical gardens or zoological gardens), amusement and theme parks, along transportation corridors, and around tourist attractions and hotels.

In these situations, a staffs of gardeners or groundskeepers maintains the gardens. In the society today, most of the people who enjoy gardening are most likely aging people. They appreciate the beauty of the plants as the beauty of life. Gardening need a lots of caring and patients, it may seem that gardening shows appreciation to the nature of the world. In addition in this global warming point in time, gardening can change the environment. Beside this, there are many hobby changes the people’s entire life into different way.

However, some of them are not worry about the popular hobbies and interests. While some hobbies strike many people as trivial or boring, hobbyists have found something compelling and entertaining about them. In conclusion, spending more time for popular hobbies and interests really depends on their surrounding people’s activity and environments. They should know what the best is for them and thus it is important to figure out which hobby suitable for them and they are interested in. It may be a helpful for them to shape out their own lifestyle.

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