Ethical Investing Assignment

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Ethical Investing I’ll be addressing, why I would ethically invest in the two companies I’ve chosen Gap Inc. And L’Oreal Paris. L’Oreal Paris was created more than 100 years ago by a young chemistry student known by the name as Eugene Schuler, he had a dream to make hair dye to change the color of a woman’s hair. The company began when a group of students and he formulated hair dyes that essentially worked. That then was manufactured and sold to hairdresser salons all over Paris. Today, L’Oreal is now in 130 entries and has exactly 77 400 employees.

They offer a wide range of hair products and cosmetics. The group’s mission is to give customers the best quality cosmetics to women and men around the world and work with many assets not just in one way. They also work continuously with major companies and are recognized for their, Global council on Business conduct, their determination as a company and also institute of business ethics. L’Oreal Paris has a foundation called the L’Oreal foundation which is a foundation hat focuses social causes such as; beauty and science.

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Their mission is to embody the ethics of excellence and inspiration to show young women and men how to present themselves correctly and how beauty can make you feel more confident, which will make them have a higher self-esteem. I would ethically invest in L’Oreal Paris because of, they believe that their customers give them meaning and value to business, they have such determination and always give the best to their customers no matter what sexuality, or culture hey are. My second ethical company is Gap Inc..

A clothing company originated in San Francisco 1 969, discovered by Doris and Don Fisher. Gap started when Don couldn’t find a pair of jeans that fitted him, so he decided to open a store that had only jeans that could fit every shape and size there is. Today, Gap Inc. Is a leading international retailer with six brands, Banana Republic, Old Ana;, Prelims and Athlete. With offering clothing accessories and personal care products for men, woman, children and babies . They have almost 2,600 stores worldwide and almost 140, 000 employees.

Don and Doris have given a lot of compassion, and have had a strong desire to make this company successful more and more every day, which made the company grow and customers responded. Gap offers a program called PACE (personal advancement and career enhancement), it offers female garment workers life skills education and technical training, to advance their knowledge at work and in life. Would ethically invest with Gap Inc. Being they are listed as one of he world’s most ethical companies.

They also believe that customers, employees, investors and regulators placed high on trust and that ethics and good authority are key in earning it. They are said they demonstrate leadership, responsibly, sustainability and governance. Their for I would ethically invest in L’Oreal Paris this is because not only they have such determination to be more successful as a company, but they have such compassion and respect for many different people, such as their sexuality, religious beliefs and culture.

They also have a foundation to help people who suffer from self-esteem and they offer to show young persons what beauty is. In this regards their desire to be one of the most ethical companies worldwide and uses ethics in its business practices. Their values and ethical values guide them in their everyday activities. Do believe these two companies would be the companies to ethically invest in. From their determination they both have to grow their company and also the respect and gratitude they have for their customers, investors and employees.

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