Principles of Macroeconomics Final Exam Assignment

Principles of Macroeconomics Final Exam Assignment Words: 321

Minutes Candidates may complete the front cover of their answer book and sign their desk card but must NOT write anything else until the start of the examination period is announced Answer ALL questions in Sections A and B Only silent, self-contained calculators with Single-Line Display are permitted in this examination. Dictionaries are not allowed with one exception.

Those whose first language is not English may use a standard translation dictionary to translate between that language and English provided that neither language is the subject of this examination. Subject specific translation dictionaries are not permitted. No electronic devices capable of storing and retrieving text, including electronic dictionaries, may be used. DO NOT turn examination paper over until instructed to do so Answer Sheet Principles of Macroeconomics Final Exam By Northeast The paper needs to be collected in at the end of the exam Turn over

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SECTION A – Multiple Scotch Questions (20 marks) Answer ALL questions. Each question carries 2 marks. This section containing 10 multiple choice question is not available. SECTION B – structured Questions (80 marks) Answer ALL questions. 11. Rising Coffee Prices The price of a pound of raw coffee beans has almost doubled in 12 months. There are many reasons for the price hike for coffee: Wet weather damaged crops in Columbia and Indonesia; and booming economies mean millions of Indians, Chinese and Brazilian now enjoy the coffee habit. This price hike is bitter news for coffee lovers and retailers.

With prices rising relentlessly, many retailers have no choice but to pass some of those higher prices on to their customers. Big coffee sellers like Folders and Dunking’ Donuts raised the price of packaged coffee by 10 percent to $7 per pound. Cutbacks’ packaged coffee is up some 12 Prices may be higher, but some retailers say sales have not dropped too much. “People who like good coffee are going to have good coffee.

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