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International Business Law Stephen MOROCCO There are 5 questions and each is worth 10 marks Total 50 marks and counts 50 % of your final mark for the course Please write so I can understand You are allowed any materials into the exam Use point form and short answer. No long paragraphs please You will be given higher marks for your opinions The examination will be marked in comparison to your other class members, so please use your imaginations Question 1 (10 marks)

One of international business laws main purposes is to avoid and prevent risks. Which risk do you consider most important to avoid in international business dealings and why? Question 2 (10 marks) As a Vietnamese business person would you prefer to be negotiating a contract with a client based in a common law or a civil law country? Why? Question 3 (10 marks) Why would you want to put an arbitration clause in a contact for the sale and purchase of goods between you as a Vietnamese business person and your supplier in China?

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Question 4 (10 marks) Do you think Vietnam being accepted as a member of the WTFO changed the way of doing business in Vietnam? Question 5 (10 marks) As a French company Louis Button earns millions of Euros each year by selling expensive bags and purses. Should a developing country such as Vietnam be required to enforce Intellectual Property Rights regarding counterfeit Louis Button bags when low income Vietnamese people sell these counterfeit bags as the sole source of income for their families? Why or why not? Business law exam By darkroom

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