The Breakfast Club Reaction Paper Assignment

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An athlete, a brain, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal comprise the Breakfast Club. I found the plot of the movie very relatable. Even though it was released some years back, it still has the power to touch the hearts of the viewers. Moreover, I found the scene about them describing their families interesting. Despond Tutu once said that family is a God-given gift and we do not have preferences in choosing (7 September, 1986). With this in mind, our parent’s are the people responsible for our outcome.

Although this may be true, The Breakfast Club provided an overview about abusive parent’s. That is to say, Bender’s father was an abusive father who hits his wife; Allison was being ignored by her family, Brain’s parent’s had high expectations hat put pressure on him, the father of Andrew did not want him to be a loser because he believed that winning is everything; and Claire was used by her parent’s to counter flow each other. In the event that the parent’s abuse their children, they are more likely to become abusive parent’s when they grow up, too (Help Guide).

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But in the case of the characters, they promised not to be like them. “My God, are we goanna be like our parent’s? ” Andrew said. “Not me… Ever… ” Claire answered. Additionally, we wonder how Mr.. Vernon became an instructor because of how he addressed the students. Regardless of his position being the vice principal of Sheerer High School, he conversed with the students in a very disrespectful way, especially to Bender. According to Chunk Tug, education has many forms and the lowest are punishments and rewards (n. D. ).

Yes, he was a very hardcore teacher but we could feel his soft side after saying this, “Now this is the thought that wakes me up in the middle of the night… That when I get older, these kids are goanna take care of me. ” By all nears, teachers – no matter how rude and strict they are – every night, they think about their students’ future. Furthermore, the movie also set as an example of peer pressure – specifically Claire. She was the prom queen and has socialite friends and she did not want to be seen walking down the hallway with the people she met in the detention because she thought it could be shameful.

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