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What happens in our brain is that when we stress eat, is that we forget how we truly feel inside and the troublesome feeling gets replaced by the reward stress eating gives us, which is pleasure. The brains reward system gets compromised and ultimately disables the function that would say stress eating is not good for you. This then leads to the consequences Of these addictions, our family, career, Other relationship, and health gets affected and put in jeopardy. We start to neglect having family time instead Of spending hours and hours on the web.

Gladly, there are ways to resolve these addictions. First we try to figure out the source of addiction, or why or What made us do certain things, secondly, by following moderate steps, for example, instead of watching TV for four hours, maybe cut down to two. By doing this consistently, things get easier eventually restore balance in our life. “Soft addictions are an escape from uncomfortable feelings,” says Judith Wright, who wrote a book on the subject, The Soft Addiction Solution. (McLaughlin, 2010, peg. 138). Response Section: NO one is immune to pain or suffering.

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However, we all cope very differently from each other. Lea McLaughlin, author of “Are You Hooked? ” has written an article that is very enlightening. She talked about soft addiction Which really like how it is coined, because it is exactly what it is. It may be small things that we do or guilty pleasures that we consider, but in reality, like any other addiction, it can impair and harm us. Like the supporting details that she presented throughout the article like the Harris poll she mentioned that showed that 90% of the respondents suffered from soft addiction (McLaughlin).

This specific detail helps put the severity of soft addiction in perspective, that almost all of us suffer from it, and that we are not different from each other, Also the story of Mary Curler and Maryanne Riper, a regular career woman who both suffers trot it, tells us that soft addiction is found everywhere, and affects anyone. I also liked how she presented in very regular, lay words how soft addiction affects our brain. This help readers understand the medical reason behind soft addiction better. The last thing the author presented in the article is ways to resolve soft addictions.

She indicated specific steps to follow like identifying the reason for the addiction and figuring out what were you trying to achieve or feel for doing it Specific examples of addiction and intervention were also included that helps give a picture that it is really possible to overcome such addictions. Overall, I personally liked how the article is written, and agreed Wholly to the points presented. It was written very completely from definition of soft addiction, consequences, and resolution. It is a very good educational/informational article.

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