Sicko Reaction Paper Assignment

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Reaction Paper This was a very powerful movie that brings to light, and seems to maybe exaggerate some of the problems in the American health care system. It was amazing to me to see the difference between socialized healthcare in other countries compare to the healthcare system in the US. There seem to be multiple pros and cons to consider including cost, time for treatment, and community attitudes toward these systems. It was impressive to see the socialized counterparts able to receive free treatment and services without insurance premiums, Coplay, or deductibles.

This system seems to be the perfect system, taxes pay for healthcare and everyone receives good care. In the US, we pay dearly for our health insurance and healthcare. The costs for the average citizen can be catastrophic compared to the high profits that the insurance companies are making by denying claims. In the US, patients often go weeks, months and sometimes years without healthcare due to the costs. In the compared countries, citizens were able to get help immediately, when they needed it. The difference of timing with healthcare seems to be a “no brainier”, the socialized yester work.

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In America, every has their individual policies and it is essentially every man for himself. There is not a sense of camaraderie in the US to help one another when there are healthcare crises and needs. In contrast, the other countries’ citizens spoke of their responsibility to take care of one another. The socialist approach instills a sense of community in its’ citizens. In reality, the producer of of this film sought out opportunities to bias his audience. His choice of locations and persons were meant to persuade the movie viewer.

He chose to show American Heroes being treated in Cuba to show what a waste that American healthcare is today. He opted to choose people who had slipped through the cracks and have had traumatic insurance encounters in America, while in contrast, he selected the happiest people in the other countries, including relocated American citizens, to show how wonderful their system can be. The veracity of this film should be questioned as it is highly sensationalists and intentionally presents the bright side of socialism vs. the dark side of the US healthcare system to the viewers.

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