Reaction to word crimes Assignment

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Through the use of social medias and testing, some of the youth and young adults of today have developed a type of laziness when It comes to simple spelling, as well as, grammatical mistakes. Surprisingly, these mistakes have become so common that they have been accepted as the standard. After watching the “Weird AY” Wantonly video one point was made very clear, that the target audience Is the youth of modern society. This is shown through his use of humor and illustration of modern social media and the poor habits that the youth of today posses.

Weird AY” brings up some common grammatical misconceptions that have, unfortunately, become very common throughout society. One example of this is when he talks about the confusion people have with the difference between the use of less and the use of fewer. Through his use of illustration, it is conveyed how less is to be used when referring to a measurable amount, and fewer is to be used in reference to a number of items. AY also elaborates to the audience that the words “be, see, are, and you” shouldn’t be written as single letters and the laziness that goes along with writing those words as single letters Is despicable.

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Through his song ” Word Crimes,” AY projects his view on the literary repose of the modern cyber based society that is the world today. The often use of humor and criticism helps to teach the audience the proper use of grammar and spelling ,as well as, shed light on the ignorance of the English language that some of the youth and early adults of today posses. His use of humor is a very good tool to convey his point and view on the topic of awful English habits that have become apparently more common across society youth and makes his song all the more useful in his favor.

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