Reaction paper for occupational safety and health Assignment

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This is an analysis that contains 194 items organized into 6 dimensions: (1) information input, (2) mental processes, (3) work output, (4) relationships with other person, (5) Job context, (6) and other Job related variables such as work schedule, pay, and responsibility. PAS is one of the most standardized Job analysis methods. Not Just inexpensive, but also, it takes relativity little time to use. OSP) Job Structure Profile, 1985, a revised edition of the PAS, developed by Patrick and Moore. III) Job Elements Inventory, 1978, developed by Cornelius and Hake. This is another instrument designed as an alternative to the PAS.

It contains 153 items and has readability level appropriate for an employee with only a tenth-grade education. (BAJA) Functional Job Analysis, 1955, designed by Fire. Is a quick method that could be used by the federal government to analyze and compare thousand Jobs. Analyst is given 100 points to allot to 3 functions: (1) Data, that includes the information and ideas of the worker. (2) People, hi includes the clients, customers, and coworkers. (3) Things, which includes machines, tools, & equipments. Methods Providing Information About Tools and Equipments OIC) Job Components Inventory, 1983, developed by Banks, Jackson, Stafford, and War.

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This method consist of more than 400 questions covering 5 major categories: (1) Tools and Equipments, (2) Perceptual and Physical Requirements, (3) Mathematical Requirements, (4) Communication Requirements, (5) Decision Making and Responsibility. This Job analysis method contains a detailed section on tools and equipments. *Methods Providing Information About the Work Environment (ATE) Ergonomic Job Analysis Procedure, 1983, developed in Germany by Roomers ND Landau. This method is a 216-item, standardized questionnaire that analyzes Job *Methods Providing Information About the Competencies (O*NET) Occupational Information Network, sass’s.

Is a national Job analysis system created by the federal government to replace the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT). Its developers understood that Jobs can be viewed at four levels; (1) economic, (2) organizational, (3) occupational, (4) individual. (CIT) Critical Incident Technique, is developed and first used by John Flanagan and his students at the University of Pittsburgh in the late sass’s and early sass’s. ATA) Threshold Traits Analysis, 1981, developed by Lopez and Salesman. This method is available only by hiring a particular consulting firm, but its unique style makes it worthy of mentioning.

It has 33 items that covers 5 trait categories: (1) physical, (2) mental, (3) learned, (4) motivational, (5) social. (BAAS) Fleischman Job Analysis Survey, is developed by Fleischman and Reilly, 1992. AI) Job Adaptability Inventory, 2000, is a method that has a 132-item inventory, developed by Pulaski, Radar, Donovan, Plafond. This method has an 8 dimensions: 1) Handling emergencies or crisis situations, (2) Handling work stress, (3) Solving Problems Creatively, (4) Dealing with uncertain and unpredictable work situation. 5) Learning work tasks, technologies, and procedures, (6) Demonstrating interpersonal Adaptability, (7) Demonstrating Cultural Adaptability. (8) Demonstrating physically oriented :adaptability. (PRE) Personality-Related Position Requirements Form, 1997, developed by Remark, Schmitt, and Guenon, this method consists of 107 items that fall under the Big 5 personality dimensions: (1) openness to experience, (2) conscientiousness, (3) extroversion, (4) agreeableness, (5) and emotional stability. Ill.

Personal Reaction: For my own opinion, Every Job Analysis Method has its own importance. For the General Information about work activities. This will help the employees to develop their information input, mental processes, work output, and so with the relationships between their co-workers. It is necessary to identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform he Job. For the information about Tools and Equipments, it is important to cover up the methods or information’s about the safeties of the rockers of the certain company.

This will provide us information about the happenings of the workplace for us to be aware. Those questionnaires are Just an evaluation to determine whether a particular applicant possesses the necessary knowledge, abilities, and skills. And about the competencies, this section contains what are commonly called Job specifications or competencies, such as interests, personality, and training. However, this methods is Just a brief preparation for a very long Journey of being an employee. So, the means of studying industrial psychology is to provide the information about

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