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The business conference that I’ve attended last Friday, December 12, 2014 was entitled “Secrets of Creating Wealth” by Mr.. Chinked Tan, a wealth coach and a best-selling author. Mr.. Chinked Tan is a very good, inspirational and motivational speaker. He taught us interesting things that we could really apply in our daily lives. I have learned a lot from him. Was amazed on how he can handle such long conferences. He was never boring. He was worth watching and listening to.

Time is never wasted when listening to him cause we can learn a lot of things from him. He first pointed out that our intention equal our destination. If we have the intention to do what we really desire in life and with the combination of right decision and right information then we will arrive into our destination. Second, he pointed out that “Mindset + Action = Results”. A positive mindset added with a positive action would equal to a positive result.

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For us to develop a positive mindset, we should use the right and positive words, appreciate the things that we have, listen to hat others say and know when you need a change. He also shared a formula to us, “Income – Savings = Expenses”. It is very important to control the money that you have. Spending is never a solution but saving is. Before he ended the conference, he left us with some secrets on how to increase one’s outflow. First is “Change your lifestyle”. Second is “Always be open for other opportunities”. Third, “Save as much as you can”. Lastly, “Have a long- term perspective”.

He also shared to us the secrets of a wealthy man and hose are; “Never put all your eggs in a one basket” which means to diversify, for example you should not put all your money in your wallet if in case it will be lost, all you have is nothing. Second, “Never kill the goose that lays the golden egg”, it means that if you have only one source of income, you should not take it for granted. Third and last, “Rich people know how to grow their money’, they build business for them to get more profit, invest into other business, and they know how to control their money.

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