Reaction Paper Assignment

Reaction Paper Assignment Words: 456

In off- premise catering held only at WAVES campus, even though that we are expecting at the outside campus, the event was become success even we are to tired.

And that time we encounter many complaints from the guest. That day felt bad because we never expect that many of them are not eat their breakfast, but it was resolve by our teacher. At their lunch we serve them with full of smile and confident after what happen that morning. After their lunch we fix out all the things to be fix. We help each everyone so that it will finish as soon as possible. After to fix everything we having our lunch and after that we take a rest. We are so very happy because of the success of our event.

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We also very thankful to each everyone and to our beloved teacher for having there help and guide to us to make our event success. Submitted by: Jean C. Taught As we have done our on premise, Vive learned a lot of things. I’ve learned how to mingle to the guest while serving. In that day everyone was so busy, everyone are working their own task. And in that day we are in hurry because after an hour the program will be started at pm. Of course everyone was helping each other. After an hour everything and everyone was on set at the gym.

We serve them their dinner, we can’t avoid that there are some times while we are serving there are some guest who are asking our name. Of course we must give them response. We give them a smile while we are serving t and they really appreciate it. The event was successfully end even though that day was so tired to us. We very thankful to everyone of us and especially to our beloved teacher who always there to help us and guide us. Our off- premise was success because for being responsible of each every one of us. I’ve learned a lot of things even though it was held only at our amp’s.

We encounter many complaints from our guest, but it was resolve that because of the help of our teacher. We serve their lunch with full of confident and a smile even of what happen that morning that many of them was complains because there are some are not having their breakfast. After their lunch we fixed everything we’ve got so tired that day but we ignore that. At least our event was very success, we thankful to each every one of us and to our teacher for having their help us.

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