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Think of a word that best describes Philosophy as a whole. I choose LOVE. But first let us define the word love. What is love? For the philosophers, love generate a host of tissues: means It Is word unattached to anything real or sensible, that is all. But for me, It Is a feeling that every Individual has. A feeling that means a lot to us.

Individuals has their own and different definition of it, but whatever definition we have, it’s the most important thing we have to show to those people we love and who love us whole heartedly and also to our very action that we or we are going execute, love should always be there. Love is all that matters. This is the 3rd reflection paper that our professor gave us. At first, I was that stressed to do this things like this especially each requirement must contain at least 3 pages. I was so confused because I am not used to do things like this.

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But later on, I was able to LOVE this, doing reflection papers (but I wish this would be the last. Hey). And so I decided to choose LOVE that best describes philosophy as a whole. Why? Because loving everything you do will make you happy. Happiness Is all what we want, happiness that we feel because of love. I often see people using love in arguments of morality. So I ask those people to thoroughly and completely define their intended meaning of it to the best of their ability so that I may better understand their arguments. Also, it would be interesting , in general, to see how people view love and its meaning.

Someone says “Love is wanting what is best for an individual (or group) beyond personal preferences, desires, or perspective in all situations”. For me, that is right, if you love someone or maybe something, you are willing to give all of you even if it’s for worst. Sometimes, we are acting immoral because of love, we know what is right but we often do the wrong things that might hurt someone for our own sake. But as a moral being, we tend to do what is right, we should know that “knowing Is far different from doing”. We must love our decision for us to accept what must be the outcome of our actions.

Love means passion. Many philosophers has their own definitions about many things that can help their selves ND other people to enhance their weaknesses and turn them to a stronger one through the wisdom of their thoughts on how lives must live for. Love can describe philosophy as a whole by simply loving yourself and at the same time your neighbors and the people around you. Love has a very deep meaning. By doing good things to others actually it can show that you love them and living a life harmoniously. Love is use to control our evilness to others. Learning to accept and living in the real meaning of life.

Love is the key to peacefulness. Philosophy is the love of wisdom. Simply, love also means a lot to philosophy. Love can determine the morality of a person, knowing what Is good to bad. Philosophy, the love of wisdom, the search for basic but systematized principles of any subject or branch of knowledge. Wisdom Is the quality of being wise, where our knowledge stores, a knowledge that can be converted Into teaching. The Intelligence of making principles base on our what we call philosophers. But philosophers can’t do a principle meaningfully if it does not came from the heart.

Their passion, their desire, and their love to share the knowledge, the truth and beliefs behind their discoveries on how things and maybe lives in an easy or complicated way. LOVE conquers all, we can make many things in right even how complicated it is. We can find solutions in a right place and time, and serve those experiences as an inspiration to love what we had discover behind those experiences. Sharing it and let others know the reality that many things can go right and wrong in many instances. Love can make things possible. The principles and theories that a philosophers do can be denied by the Judgment of many.

But if it is remunerated base on a real experience and you Just want to share the lesson in it because of the reason of having the desire that somehow, if it’s not many few can relate their lives to a principle that can turn their lives into a better one. And sooner or later, many will acknowledge the worth of your doings through carrying it with full of trust and confidence that a thing made out of a good intention for everyone to learn and accept. On the other hand, when love strikes us, we seem to be different compare to our self before we feel love.

Somebody tend to do bad things Just for heir love one sake, while others do good things to express their love. You know when we loved or we feel the love of our surrounding we always feel grace. Some people learn to respect others, because of love. Philosophy of love is the field of social philosophy and ethics that attempts to explain the nature of love. The philosophical investigation of love includes the tasks of distinguishing between the various kinds of personal love, asking if and how love is or can be Justified, asking what the value of love is and what impact love has on the both the lover and the beloved.

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