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Each and every one of us has their own reaction about the third State of the Nation Address of President Benign “Annoy’ Aquinas Ill. There’s always a negative and positive reaction. We always have comments in every part of the SOON especially the topics and issues that the president have mentioned, even the language that the president used. Most of the issues in our country were mentioned by Pony like the billions wasted by PASTOR for coffee. I agreed with what Pony said, wondering if the people behind the coffee scam were “still able to sleep. ” But a year passed, no one has yet been brought to the court.

I think that issue wasn’t probably be solve by now. I believe on what he said “nothing is impossible too united Filipino nation. He also said that the relief goods were ready before the storms come. Well, that was true enough. But I can see sometimes in the news that were still many Filipinos who weren’t have their relief goods especially those in far provinces. He proudly said that the Philippines is now the creditor, and no more the debtor. Based on the data from DEWS millions of children were already vaccinated against diarrhea, polio, measles, and various other diseases.

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Also the number of students’ no longer need to miss school because of poverty was increased. Well, that was very good news! Now, there were many students who can go to school and can continue their studies… So, In the future these students can help their families, especially financial status. Millions of poorest members of Philately can now enter any government hospital with free of charge, Just to show their membership card. That was good, so now, many patients have the possibility to survive on whatever disease they have or whatever accident they have encountered.

But based on my opinion, what If those patients or that certain patient is/are bad person? Maybe It must be better If they died than to survive because they may cause more trouble on some people. According to them, the numbers of Dengue cases were decreased. Well, that was good especially for the innocent children. They must enjoy their lives first than to die Just because of a bite from a mosquito. Pony said that before this year ends, there were enough classrooms and chair to be built, also books for each student.

It’s nice because, now, many students will go to school with proper classrooms to go with, a chair to seat in and books to use with. So, they can now study well. The Job produced was Increased. That was good. So, many Filipinos now can live properly. They can now eat at least three times a day. They can now afford something they need or want. And of course, they can now help their own families. Before the term of Pony ends, new airports will be created while some existing will be upgraded. I hope this plan will come true because It will really help people, especially those who are going to abroad.

He said the crime scenes were reduced, well, that’s good. But based on what I was seeing on the news, It’s still the same. I can see that It was Increased more. I really hope that he Project NOAH will become successful. This project Is for those who experienced natural disasters especially the storms Like the Monody, Pepping and Sending. If this project become successful, there was a huge possibility that many lives will be save. Also through our technology, they can now give fair warning to Fullness In order to prepare for and avoid the worst. For all of us especially for our mother earth.

We can now avoid the flash floods and landslides which may ruin our houses. Also some building and industries may destroy if different disasters may come in our country. It may take a long time to grow such trees but at least we have reserve trees for the next generation. But on the other hand, we cannot avoid some people who cut trees. There were always illegal loggers who do not think what may cause of what they’re doing. Some of them always think of their own advantage. I don’t really believe when he said that our economy is stronger because I still believe that until now we have weak governance and high corruption.

If we have stronger economy maybe the poverty in our country may lessen or much better it will no longer exist in our society. One more thing, Pony doesn’t mention about the high corruption in our country which is the biggest robber existing in the Philippines right now. He doesn’t mention it maybe because he knows that he cannot simply resolve that kind of problem in the Philippines. I like it when he said that “forgiveness is possible; but forgetting is not. ” Well, that was definitely true. For me, that was the line that I really like and caught my attention. I also experienced that… Abbey I already forgive those people who hurt me (physically and emotionally) but I will never ever forget what they did to me. I cannot simply forget what other people did to me. Either it’s bad or good. So, maybe I understand hat Pony said that we cannot forget some things/issues that our country experienced, like farmers who piled up massive debts because of a government that insisted on importing rice, the family of the police officer who died while trying to defend himself against guns with nothing but a nightstick, the orphans of the 57 victims of the massacre in Misguidance, and some other issues.

He also mentioned the controversial issue about Responsible Parenthood. He didn’t say that the RE Bill should be passed but at least he mentioned it. He does not forget to mention his mortal enemy maybe, our former president Gloria MacDougal Arroyo. He told the Filipino nation that what happened to her (the plunder case leveled to her) is a Justice for all of us. Because of what she has done, most especially the very high corruption she did in when she in her term as the president.

Also he mentioned, Chief Justice Ornate Corona, same reason because of the corruption he did. About the millions he get when he was in his position. Well, as for me, he was right. That was a true Justice. Before the State of the Nation Address of Pony ends, he thanked his cabinet members for all the sacrifices they had done, or sacrificing their private and much quitter lives in order to serve the public. He also thanked Father Catalina Reveal and Sister Agnes Guile, who have nurtured and allowed his spiritual life to flourish, especially in times of greatest difficulty.

Well, he has the right to thank those people, especially if those persons really help the president in everything. The SOON was ended peacefully. President Annoy almost mentioned and tells us all his achievements for the past two years. He told us all his plans for our beloved country and I hope that all his plans and his promises will really come true and come successful because if this happens, our country will become progressive. Mention the very high corruption happening in our country which is a must to talk about because I think this is the biggest problem in the Philippines. Well, that was already happened. Nothing will change. But I still believe and hope that our president can resolve at least most of the problems in our country. I know he cannot simply resolve all the problems but with the help of the Filipino nation nothing is impossible. This is my Reaction Paper about the third SOON of President Non Non Aquinas.

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