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State of the Nation Address (SONS) is an annual address made by the president with regarding to the status of our nation, the accomplishments he made and his plan for the future of our country. Last Monday, July 22, 2013 President Benign Aquinas Ill made his 4th SONS at Batsman Bananas Complex. In his SONS he discussed a lot of things regarding to the economics initiatives, peace and welfare and tackling of corruption. For me President Benign Aquinas Ill did a good Job addressing his SONS last Monday. I know he is dedicated to help our country to be progressive one of rouser with the help of every Filipino.

To be a progressive country, a particular country must attain peace and welfare of its constituents and high economic growth. These things are what our president is trying to accomplish to our country. While reading his SONS, I felt happy because despite of the numerous problems has been encountered by our country, there are still improvements in our nation. President Aquinas cited economic achievements including the increase of GAP growth. He said 7. 8% GAP growth during the third quarter of 2013 and it was the “highest recorded growth” in Southeast Asia.

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He also said that there is an increase of the number of tourists visited the country. He is very confident at the year 2016 more tourists will come. Well it is really a good news for our economy and for everyone. He also cited about the Panties Paying Filipino Program ( ups) which helps many poor families, and the increase of TESTED graduates. Such programs helps those people who didn’t have enough money to sustained their basic needs and those who cannot afford their studies. It was so nice to know that our government is making alternative ways to remove poverty in our country.

But we all know it is not enough to love this kind of dilemma because not only the government could break this poverty, but it is us who can solve it. Like what PONY said “Government has been fulfilling its obligation to the people, but let us ask ourselves: How have I contributed to the solution? “. He is right, no matter how good is the government if its constituents are lazy and does not contribute nothing will happened. He also mention that their goals is to raise the quality of learning that the children undertake so that once they finish their schooling, they can seize the opportunities now opening up in society.

Well I Greer with this. For me it would be great opportunity for everyone and also for our country if more people were able to find a great opportunities after their studies it would be great contribution to the progress of our nation. Another thing also he mentioned in his SONS that PAN were hiring civilian personnel for them to bring 30,000 policemen back to police work who will focus on administrative works. This will allow the police men to work on field. I agree with this one, to increase the security of the people and the policemen could definitely serve the people. Reaction By merrymakers

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