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Reaction Paper 1 “True happiness is a measure of two different types of happiness: 1) Remembered happiness, 2) Experienced happiness” According to Dan Buettner, he believed that the ones who had the most luxurious things in life were not candidates for experienced happiness. Those that weren’t so wealthy were the ones who had experienced happiness. In my opinion, I feel that Dan Buettner described these two ways of happiness correctly, because experiencing happiness is not Just about smiling and laughing.

Happiness can be considered motivation to want to change your life style, or to help you live longer. When I say live longer I mean eliminating the irrelevant people from your life that causes you stress, and who makes you unhappy. I support this measure of happiness, because when people bring up the question “are you happy? ” some automatically say yes, and not put very much thought into it. According to Dan Buettner’s definitions of happiness, he found that happiness was broken down into two different meanings.

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For example, IVe experienced remembered happiness when my parents got a divorce. It broke my heart into so many pieces when my dad chose to walk out on me without any type of warning. For months IVe een feeling weak and depressed, but my mother told me something that stuck with me for these years. She told me to never expect anything from anyone. I took that advice and told myself my mother will always be here for me. I was slowly, but surely patching up the wound my father created by spending time with my family.

Those are the moments I remember, but the scars will always be there. The remembered happiness such as the moments with my family overshadowed the pain, and that’s what I use to move forward. Experienced happiness was also a factor in my life. There was a time when I was honored a scholarship from the Newark Housing Authority Fund (NHASF). I was expected to write an essay and come in for an interview. There were over a thousand applicants and only six were selected, and I was one of those six.

I received $8,000 for my 4 years as a college student, a MacBook Pro, and a summer internship. When I received that letter in the mail telling me that IVe been selected made me extremely delighted. All the hard work I put into accomplishing my goals is starting to pay off. I felt honored and lucky that God has given me this opportunity; because he knows the struggles IVe been through. When I took the True Happiness Test I was pretty shocked with my score. I received a “B”, and personally I would think I wouldVe received lower, due to the fact that I’m always stressing and angry.

It’s rare to catch me smiling or in a good mood before someone finds a way to ruin it. I have a short temper, and I’m quick to snap. To me, happiness is a tease of what we dream in wanting, and being happy can also cover up all the pain youVe went through. Changes that I need to make and guarantee happiness in general, is the fact of not looking back in the past. I have to learn to move forward to regain my happiness again. Reaction Paper By livelovelaugh250

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