Phyllis Hunter on Reading Rockets: Reaction Paper Assignment

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Reaction Paper to Phyllis Hunter on Reading Rockets The podcast of Phyllis Hunter on Reading Rockets: Meet the Experts titled Teaching Reading demonstrated the importance of teaching children to read right the first time. According to Hunter (2008) reading is the first civil right because without being able to read well and strategically, one is unable to access his or her other civil rights and that teaching children to read is a schools first mission. Children need to be reading at grade level or above before completing the third grade (Hunter, 2008).

I agree with Hunter’s statement that good is not good enough when we can do better. Teaching children to read is one area where we cannot afford to settle for good, we must strive for best. Reading is a fundamental skill that is necessary for all future learning. Hunter (2008) discussed the need to use the research and not teach with the method that he or she feels is the right thing. Teachers need to be able to read and evaluate research to find what will be of value and has creditable in classroom instruction.

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Teachers must be committed to being a lifelong learner. Learning must then be incorporated into the classroom teaching practices. Stanovich & Stanovich (2003) contend that “scientific research about what works does not usually find its way into most classrooms. ” Teachers must be committed to making proven methods a part of their daily instruction techniques. According to Hunter (2008) the best schools use the proven research methods in their classroom.

Taylor (2002) referenced the following characteristics of teachers who are effective in teaching children to read: Maintaining instructional balance, spark higher-level thinking by discussing what was read, teach how to transfer skills and strategies to independent reading, coaching as children are reading and writing, foster a sense of responsibility in children for their own learning, provide motivating instruction with many opportunities for reading and writing, teachers have high expectations that their pupils can do well, manage their classroom, foster strong parent relationships.

If one agrees with Hunter that our children deserve the best in reading education, then one must develop the best characteristics in ones teaching style. Just as it is best to teach reading right the first time, it is best to start out on the right path using proven methods than to try to correct latter. References Hunter Phyllis, (2008). Phyllis Hunter (Teaching Reading). Reading Rockets present Meet the Experts.

Retrieved September 2, 2008, from http://www. readingrockets. org/podcasts/experts Taylor, B. M. (2002). Characteristics of teachers that are effective in teaching all children to read. National Education Association. Retrieved September 2, 2008. Stanovich, P. J. , & Stanovich, K. E. (2003). Using Research and Reason in Education. National Institute for Literacy. Retrieved September 2, 2008, from http://www. nifl. gov/partnershipforreading/

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