Into The Wild Reaction Assignment

Into The Wild Reaction Assignment Words: 314

The essay topic choose was the quote From Shun Clansman. The question asked if I agree with the quote or if I disagree. Definitely agree with Clansman, think that Chris was a very bright kid. Chris graduated from high school with very good grades. Chris went to Emory University and graduated with a 3. 72 GAP. He was a very intelligent and bright kid, but I feel like he was just very ignorant. I also agree with Clansman, that he made many little mistakes that were very arrogant.

Like burning his money in the desert was just very stupid of him, because he ended up going to work at McDonald’s to get money. Also, an arrogant move was not bringing a map with him on his journey, understand he wanted to live his life and see where it takes him, but In this case it caused his life. If he had that map he could Of got across the river, instead of going back to the camp. He would of completed his journey and came out alive and lived his life the way he wanted to. He could also tell people about his journey.

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Another mistake made was that he should of Sistine to all the people telling him to bring more supplies and to and he should of taken their advice. I think also that Chris was just dumb for doing what he did, he could of lived out his life dream if he was more prepared and he could of safely traveled through the Alaska wilderness. He caused his family so much pain and the people that he got close to. He was just ignorant for making so many mistakes in his life, and he was careless and selfish. He was a young man who just had no idea what he was getting himself into.

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