Earth and Reaction Paper Assignment

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An Inconvenient Truth AY Gore as the host of the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”. AY Gore explained how the atmosphere works. Sun rays trapped In the earth by the ozone layer which results the earth to become hotter. The increase of Carbon Dioxide is making the ozone layer thicker causing to trap more sun rays. Because of this, there is a big change in temperature and the ices in North Pole are now melting which is very dangerous. AY Gore also shows the possible environment in the future. It is owe clear that we face a deepening global climate crisis that requires us to act boldly, quickly, and wisely,” said AY Gore. I agree with this. As we can see In our dally life, the temperature Is now different from what we used to be. Like, If It Is summer, there is no rain, but now, even if it is summer, there still a rain. We really need to do something about this, at least we start at something small, by this it can help the earth in little way and slowly our old environment will be back. All we need to do is to be united on what to do to help our environment.

AY Gore also told about the Ice In Poles. They are slowly melting which result to Increase the water in the sea causing to have a flood easily. Nowadays, small amount of rain can result to flood. There is a prediction that in the future, many island or part of many country will be sinking because of heavy flood. Hurricanes are now getting stronger because of the climate changes. Too much heat results to stronger hurricanes. AY Gore told that there are two members of his family that died because of the climate change. The film made me realize that we are destroying our Mother earth slowly.

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Every small change In our environment can cause big change In our life. Sooner or later our life will be in danger because of these changes in our environment. As an individual human in this earth, I can contribute to reduce the effects of global warming by reusing my things. This cannot only help our environment but also ourselves because we can save money by reusing things. I should also lessen the use of plastic or better if I will stop using it. Another way is that Instead of riding vehicle which uses gas, I will Just walk especially If the place I’m going to near or walking distance,

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