Diabetes REaction Paper Assignment

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There wasn’t a difference between my self assessment and the peer review. I dressed appropriately, participated in our group, and helped make the posters. I can’t actually remember if there was anything different on the poster presentation though. I do feel that every poster and peoples taste in how a poster should look is different so I will have to leave that assessment up to you. 2. I feel like the recommendations made by the other peers were accurate and also that the information that Jean provided us was covered in other portions of the presentation.

However her information about the pump is accurate and was very informative and should be included and more in depth. The one thing I did not agree with is that nobody uses a food log. Just because she personally does not use a food log doesn’t mean that other people don’t. 3. I think that more information should be provided for people that already have pumps and we should possibly make a flier or pamphlet about new and upcoming pumps that download to computers and phones etc. I feel like there were more advantages to using a group to learn about diabetes and help make a presentation. I feel that it would have taken longer to cover the information separately, we learned how to work together and Include everyone’s ideas into the presentation, it aided in team work and compromise. Disadvantages were we all have different Ideas so not every Idea was able to be put into the presentation. I think it was really fun and helped me to get to know other people then just the people In my clinical group.

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