The Changing Role of Managerial Accounting Assignment

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The estimated amount of time required is shown in the solutions manual. The Solutions Manual also includes a brief discussion of the points raised in the Focus on Ethics features, which appear at the end of most chapters in the text. We gratefully acknowledge Lies Folks and Yin Ho for their very able assistance in preparing discussion points for the texts Focus on Ethics features. Several exercises and problems in each chapter (excluding chapter 1) include an optional requirement entitled Build a Spreadsheet, which is highlighted in the text in red. Here students are instructed to build an Excel spreadsheet that will solve one or more of the requirements in the exercise or problem.

There are several alternatives for instructors with regard to assigning these optional Build a Spreadsheet requirements. (1 ) Do not assign the optional Build a Spreadsheet requirement. (2) Assign the optional Build a Spreadsheet requirement in addition to the manual computational requirements. Under this approach, the student would solve several of the problem’s requirements twice, once manually and then a second time in the context of the Excel spreadsheet. 3) Assign the optional Build a Spreadsheet requirement instead of the manual computational requirements that the optional Excel spreadsheet solves. The electronic version of this solutions manual includes links to Excel spreadsheets that solve these optional spreadsheet requirements.

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We have found that students’ Excel skills vary widely. Consequently, the time that students will need to build each Excel spreadsheet will vary considerably as well. For this reason, the suggested solution times given for each exercise and problem do not include the time required to build the optional Excel spreadsheet. Ronald W. Hilton and David E. Plant CHAPTER 1 Environment ANSWERS to Review Questions 1-1 The explosion in e-commerce will affect managerial accounting in significant ways. One effect will be a drastic reduction in paper work. Millions of transactions between businesses will be conducted electronically with no hard-copy documentation.

Along with this method of communicating for business transactions comes the very significant issue of information security. Businesses need to find ways to protect confidential information in their own computers, while at the same time sharing the information necessary to omelet transactions.

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