Shoud Biotechnology Be Used To Prolong Assignment

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Nowadays, human beings are confused about whether developing biotechnology and medical science can help people prolong life expectancy. Concentrating on new medicines’ research and high-technology development, scientists and doctors believe that longer life expectancy is feasible. However, some people suspect that if it is useful and reasonable. We also disagree with using biotechnology elongate lifespan. In this essay, we will enumerate the reasons why we refuse to use those advanced technologies.

First of all, even though lifespan can be prolonged by biotechnology and advanced deiced methods, technology can never keep people young and energetic. There Is an ancient saying in China: Life’s width is more significant than its length. High-tech cannot make lives more colorful and meaningful. We can image that, In the future, human will have to stay in a hospital and eat so much medicine everyday Just in order to live longer, which make people lost the Joy of being a person.

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We don’t need longer and boring lives In a hospital. Therefore, It Is unnecessary to make people have a longer life span by using biotechnology or medicine. Secondly, new technology not only elongate lifespan, it also brings new diseases and robbers. In the one hand, biotechnology prevents people form suffering viruses attacking, but, meanwhile, the viruses also update following the biotechnology. Before the invention of antibiotics, human couldn’t overcome the sepsis and the flu that killed so many people In the past.

As people use antibiotics excessively nowadays, there are many new drug-resistance viruses being generated, such as the CARS and the Bola virus. Therefore, biotechnology should be treated seriously. On the other hand, biotechnology is uncontrollable. Although genetic technology can elf people survive from cancers and AIDS, doctors don’t make sure that the genetic technology never brings other changes in our body.

That is the reason why people prefer to buy organic vegetables rather than genetically modified food that is more productive and cheaper than the organic. In addition, it is evident that the Earth would become a crowded place if life expectancy was to be prolonged. And the chief explanation for this is that, for one thing, the senior citizens are able to have a longer time to live on with the help of advanced biotechnological medicine; for the other, there are lots of births of new ivies at the same time.

As a consequence, the overall population Is going to keep a drastic growth, While the Issue of resource scarcity, such as food, water and electricity, will be exacerbated, which will make the Earth become an unlivable zone. To sum up, we admit that medical technology have saved so many people indeed, but, using medical technology to prolong life expectancy is probably doing human beings more harm than good. Considering the new problems and stresses caused by biotechnology, In our minds, people needn’t use biotechnology to achieve the goal of healthier and more meaningful.

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