Biotechnology: Benefits and Risks Assignment

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However, saying that technology can undermine the basis of equal democratic rights is to saying humans aren’t intellectually capable of controlling the technology they create. The issue isn’t with technology itself but rather in the legislation that governs it. An Individual that doesn’t know much about biotechnology may think scientist are manipulating biotechnology so they could create the most beautiful, strongest, and most intelligent human beings. This is just a misconception of biotechnology and no one ever succeeded in doing so.

This misconception of biotechnology overshadows the other benefits biotechnology has to offer. For example, The Human Genome Project is rapidly discovering genes and is rapidly answering many biological questions. The Human Genome Project has already fueled the discovery of more than 1,800 disease genes. There are now more than 2,000 genetic tests for human conditions. These tests enable patients to learn their genetic risks for disease and also help healthcare professionals to diagnose disease.

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However, critics spend too such time worrying with the fact that biotechnology could change a human. Critics believe that this would alter the natural state of humanity and forever change human history for the worst. Biotechnology has never been used to make a person beautiful or intelligent. Legislation could be used to govern how this technology is used since they did It with abortion. For example, Costa Rican government banned IV for couples with Infectious diseases. The Costa Rican didn’t feel comfortable allowing this procedure since the couple wasn’t up to standards.

This is an example of how legislation is used to protect society in general. By prohibiting people with infectious diseases from using IV technology, this method could be used in other fields of biotechnology. Fauvism argues that a biotechnology that seeks to manipulate human nature can undermine the very basis of equal democratic rights. Technology Is Indeed rapidly Increasing but that doesn’t mean It would manipulate human nature and undermine the equal democratic rights. Legislation and government regulation wouldn’t allow any sort of manipulation.

Fauvism also quotes Thomas Jefferson saying,” Americans enjoy equal political rights because nature has not arranged for certain human beings to be born with saddles on their backs, ready to be ridden by their betters. ” This statement doesn’t make any sense because decades ago many African Americans were Judged Just on their skin color. African Americans allowed to vote for a certain period of time because women didn’t have the “credibility’ like the man had. Biotechnology can be used to prevent and exterminate disease.

It’s important that e continue to push for the advancement of the field, because the people who need it most often cannot advocate for themselves. Biotechnology can be a miracle for families who want to start a family who couldn’t in the past. Biotechnology could be the answer for cancer or other diseases so it’s important to continue to explore this project without Jeopardizing humanity itself. The risks do not lie in the biotechnology itself, but rather in the legislation which governs how we use it. Stricter laws on how biotechnology is used can prevent the undermining of equal democratic rights.

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