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Currently it is the only reasonable hero that explains how the natural world developed. Unlike others, it is not based on speculations or unsupported claims but on solid evidence. Evidence that can not be ignored. All evidence that has been found points to one explanation. Archeologist have uncovered many fossil records. Through them science has been able to piece together the way in which the natural world developed from early unicellular organisms to the complex species we see today.

For example, archeologist have found the remains of many early humanoids. Thanks to these finds, we now know how we looked millions of years ago and how we ritually developed to the modern human, the Homo Sapiens. These finds support the theory of evolution, because this is exactly what it states. Another good example of how the fossil record helps us understand evolution is the evolution of the horse (see appendix I). Due to the large amount of findings, we have an almost complete model of how the horse evolved. SE Even in our own bodies we find evidence of our primitive ancestors. The wisdom teeth we have are useless, but once our ancestors used them for chewing hard objects. Another piece of evidence came about in the 20th century, when DNA was covered. Analyzing DNA, a molecule which keeps an organism’s genetic code, gives scientists new possibilities. They can now compare the DNA of different species to see how they are related. The discovery of DNA once again confirmed evolution. We saw that all organisms are related to each other.

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For example, humans and chimpanzees have a 96% match in their DNA This also proves another hypothesis, which states that chimps and humans have a common ancestor which lived several million years ago. This makes the two species closely related and is the reason for their similar DNA. The evolutionary theory is often incorrectly interpreted as saying that humans descended from apes. Many counter this by saying apes are still alive, while according to the theory, they should have died and been replaced by humans.

As this argument is based on a misinterpretation of the evolutionary theory, it can not be seen as credible and is therefore not being discussed by scientists. Many people who doubt evolution say that it has never been observed. This is in fact not true. Microinstruction, small changes to species, has been observed both in laboratories and in nature. For instance, on the Galapagos islands, here Darwin also did his research, scientists have observed year-to-year evolution of birds. As the food supply changed, birds whose beaks were more suited to the given food survived and reproduced.

Here we clearly see natural selection at work. Another observation was conducted in a laboratory. Scientists took a group of bacteria and added a lethal substance. Most bacteria died, but some had immunity. They survived and successfully reproduced. The next day the entire group was immune to the substance. They adapted to the poisonous environment through natural selection. Considering the overwhelming amount of evidence supporting evolution and he nonexistence of evidence against it, one can conclude that it is indeed a valid scientific theory.

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