Nutrition and Miguel Gomez Persuasive Assignment

Nutrition and Miguel Gomez Persuasive Assignment Words: 403

Attention: *take out the banana and oatmeal and start eating* 1 You’re all probably wondering why I am eating right now. I’m actually eating my breakfast. According to the betrothal. Gob this meal not only help you lose weight but helps you perform while learning by boosting your ability to be engaged and staying focus. They documented that children who skip breakfast are more significantly heavier than children who don’t. WebMD even reports that skipping breakfast tells your body to store fat instead of using it throughout your day.

It does this because it goes into arrival mode thinking that you don’t have any food. Despite all of these benefits of eating breakfast and risks of not, the Huffing Post reports that 10% of America or 31 million people will have skip today. *Raise your hand if you skipped breakfast today* 2. Need: I believe the main cause of this problem is the lack of knowledge we have as a nation on nutrition. 3. Satisfaction: But, I have a SOLUTION to this on going war against bad nutrition that could make a serious and lasting change on our society. My answer to this problem is to require a mandatory nutrition class your senior year f high school.

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Its key to teach this class this year because these seniors are making the leap from adolescents to adults were they will be faced with many new problems such as buying their own groceries when they go to college. Also most will be at the level to retain and apply the information being taught. 4. Visualization: If we IMPLEMENT my solution Knowing what foods help you with what, such as foods that help improve the sharpness of the mind and boost their immune system, can make their experience in college or even in life easier and more enjoyable.

These facts will to only stay with them but will be subconsciously carried on to their children as their parents define the normal. If we don’t implement my solution, America will never wake up to the fact that we lack in knowledge of the foods we put and don’t put in our stomachs. Researchers from Duke University and the CDC say that by 2030 42% of Americans will be obese. Action: About half of this class’ kids will be obese by 2030 if this policy does not get approved. Remember vote yes on my policy.

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