Nutrition and Good Food Taste Assignment

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We know that there are many dinosaurs of different hypes, different size, lived at different times and places, and ate different things. Although the dinosaurs have been extinct for many millions of years and we know them only through fossils. Scientists have nevertheless been able to discover much about various dinosaur’s diets and lifestyles. Scientist only categorizes its diet into 3 types; the carnivore, herbivore and omnivore, somehow same diet with the human being.

Nowadays, there is a rumor that the scientist found new type of diet of a dinosaur, this is the so called “environment”. Yes, ENVIRONMENTS! Meaning “all eater’, eats everything that has very good food taste habit, eating a lot on its capacity. Meaning, when you describe it further, it is person who enjoys eating very good food. Or it is a person who eats solely for pleasure. According to the scientist research, the Environment was exist due to the creation of a bacteria cells called “Dipsos” mated with remold this made Depressor in English brainless chopper.

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That makes eating a lot of food on its utmost capacity. In human behavior, explains the so called food greedy or gluttonous. The Environment dinosaurs need medical treatment to top that bacterial to mutate that cause them to look obese or gaining so much weight that the usual. Nonrandom ivory dinosaurs have two types; the first type is eating more of meat than plants this called the macroeconomics and the second type is the one who eat a lot of plants than meat thus it is the nonrestrictive .

They look like a Stegosaurus-rexes but twice as bigger. They’re usually one and a quarter times bigger than the T-rexes and the baby ones are the same size as the stegosaurus. They are really huge than the usual dinosaurs body due to the fact that they eat much. They can eat small to giant dinosaurs. In hunting, they hunt their prey usually by tripping. They get an easy catch and scoff the prey down into its big belly. This dinosaur can sense food around 2 kilometers around its vicinity.

This majestic creature has strong stomach acid that burns food in a millisecond and its extreme capacity is 5 tons a day. Environment live on cliff tops so they get a bird eye view and see they’re prey. The cliff tops also hides them so they can’t be seen because they’re so humongous. The cliff top is a good home because it has a lot of breeding space. It’s also good for planning so the Environment can plan room above. Scientist still needs a further study on the behavior of the Environment, probably the reason why they got extinct because of food loss.

Although they may survived in the explosion of volcanoes and the meteor hit; yet supply of food is insufficient to them that time. They started eating each other to survive. Then, extinction comes. Somehow there is similarity on human beings diet, behavior and attitude with the dinosaurs, I guess. Nowadays, the Environment probably exist also in human being diet behavior. Some of us also wants to eat more or “mom,mom” more and we ant get over it. Or there is bacterial that mutate in our cell that we can’t hold to getting fatter.

The obesity now is one of our problem in the World. According to 2007 statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), New Zealand has the second-highest prevalence of overweight adults in the Magnetosphere attaining of 68. 4% ,lower than the USA(came first) Of 5. 7% among them are Australia, Unite Kingdom, Canada and Ireland. In the Ministry of Health in New Zealand statistic survey result 2008 and 2009 Adult Nutrition survey found that “one in four adults (ages 15 years and over) were bees reaching of 27. 8% of the population”.

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