Evolution of Public Relations Assignment

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In the beginning as the colonies of the New World expanded, so did the usage of early forms of public relations. Public relations were used to publicize and sell real estate in the new land. During the American Revolution public relations was developing quickly through the media. There were elite press events that became huge successes. Letter writing to the Federalist newspapers became popular during the Boston Tea Party. Controversial propaganda was becoming increasingly more effective through the media.

During the nineteenth century there was a transition from using public elation’s for only political means, to an era when public relations was utilized to affect an assortment of political, social and economic issues. The first half of the nineteenth century, President Jackson used Amos Kendall to help communicate his political message through public image, writing speeches, conducting polls and actual strategy preparation.

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By the end of the century the role of public relations became more effective within political campaigns. Communication and messaging was initiated through the official campaign press bureau allowed for the public to be informed and taking public opinion lolls prior to elections all over the nation. The Industrial Revolution brought larger, more powerful businesses that sold an increasing number of products to an increasing population. Public relations were largely a tool to sell items.

However, when the public began to distrust the industrialized corporations and resented the power that moguls were beginning to exercise. Once these corporations realized that they would only benefit with greater public approval they began to deploy new methods of public relations. New methods included reports to stockholders, press releases and financial ports. Over the years, with the assistance of new media developed through technology advancement there has been an increase in the publics trust of media.

However, client users Of public relations practitioners have shown concern those practitioners don’t fully appreciate their organizations goals or how to adequately obtain them. It is critical that PR practitioners improve communication, increase influence in stakeholder decisions and be fluent in many social sciences. As communication technologies advance, American PR practitioners have to adopt a more global approach. Integrated communications have never been more critical nor has strategic planning to coordinate the various communications.

There has been an Increase over the last several years for international public relations in both developing international expertise of PR practitioners and opening global opportunities for those prepared. New technologies including, cell phones, internet, social medial has changed the game of research, objectives, and programming and evaluation phases of public relations. PR practitioners opportunities for ethnic minorities and women have improved as well.

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