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Darwin Summary For a long time now, it has been debated in the USA whether or not Evolution should be taught in public school classrooms due to the controversy over evolution and creationism. In the early sass’s a parent in Dover Pennsylvania went to the district school board with complaints that his child was being taught lessons in science that contradicted his religious beliefs; the subject being evolution.

Joshua Rowans was taught by his family and church that the world was created through creationism and felt that the theory of Evolution did not support his beliefs and, cause it is only a theory, was teaching a form of religion in a public school. Evolution is a theory based on evidence through fossils and other meaner that states human beings and other complex organisms were developed over time and all originated from simpler, single-cell organisms.

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Because it is based on facts and evidence the argument was presented to the opposes that the teaching of evolution was simply another scientific theory that needed to be taught in classrooms. The people that supported creationism then decided that creationism, too, could be taught as a scientific theory if presented in the right manner. Thus, “intelligent design” was created. The idea of intelligent design is virtually identical to that of creationism. It is the idea that a “being” of some sort created the entire world and everything in it within a short amount of time.

While there is no evidence of this, it is argued that the holes in the theory of evolution themselves are evidence supporting intelligent design. It is an endless controversy that may never be put to rest. Evolution, while not a proven theory, is an accepted theory by many people because of all the evidence provided that supports it in the past. This evidence is factual and very scientific indeed so naturally, it should be taught in high school science classrooms.

To keep this information from students is depriving them of a major scientific theory and could harm them academically in the future. However, because evolution is no more than a theory, it should be taught as such. A problem many teachers have is teaching opinions as facts which could present a problem to students. While being discussed in class, the facts that lead Darwin to his conclusion should be emphasized as well as the gaps in the theory. This will give the students he opportunity to theorize, themselves, and come to their own conclusions about evolution.

Because creationism/ intelligent design has no direct, scientific evidence supporting it, teaching it in class would be considered teaching a religion which could propose a problem with people who do not believe in it. Those who argue that to teach one without the other is favoring one theory are not taking into account the type of theories they are comparing. It’s a matter of scientific theory against religious theory. 1 . Why is this Just recently becoming an issue? 2. Is it in an academic curriculum? 3. Wicked it be acceptable to believe in both?

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