Evidence for Evolution Assignment

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You are probably thinking, “Who in the name is this and what Is with apparel?. ” Well my name Is Tiffany and I came from the future! How I came from the future would be a different story but sir, I was handed a task to explain to you some amazing evidence after your research. Before I even start on explaining to you how people built information off your building blocks, let me explain what Mr. Mendel did. Mendel was a researcher on genetics that is corresponding with your time period .

He was a monk that developed a theory on inheritance. He discovered it by breeding garden peas in carefully planned experiments. The reason why I brougtht this up Is because of his Inheritance theory, which as you know can change the traits and characteristics by mating two different species. Which leads me back to evolution. One piece of evidence is physiological adatatlons. Physiological adaptations are changes in an organisms metabolic processes. for example if the bacteria we are testing is now penecillin resistt. Those hanges are the evolution of the metabolic processes. he second evidence Is fossils. Fossils are probably alwasys the main reason why we have a quantative amount of information regarding evolution because it actually shows the changes throughout dfferent time periods. Usually bone structures says It all. The third evidence for evolution is homologous structures. Homologous structures are structures with common evolutionary origin. This would mean that a certain type of specie or species would have the same structure, same function, or both. Usually homologous tructures have the same type of bone structure.

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Now moving on to analogous structures, which are structures that have no common origin but are similiar In function. an example would be a butterfly wing to an eagle’s wing they help you fly but are different origins. So would Red Bull count? Ahl That is right, you don’t know about Red Bull! Let’s save that for another letter! The last part of the third piece of evidence is vestigial structures. Vestigial structures in present day organism which no longer Is of usefor its original purposes but It was useful to an ancestor.

For example, the pelvic bone of a baleen whale. This helps by what time of place has evolved becaasue a world a couple million years ago’s a lot different then today. The fourth piece of evidence is embryology. An embryo is the earliest stage of that you can get. even If you are a fish or a human, the embryos sull look alike! That Is why we our scientist in the future linked that he might have a common ancestor. Even if we have evolution, we still know who our basie was, Now that last and final piece of evidence Is biochemistry.

All organisms share some type of DNA, ATP, and other enzymes among with their biochemical molecules. DNA, or deoxynbonucleic acid, is the hereditary material for us homosaplens (humans) and almost all other organisms. DNA is pretty Important! ATP is free energy for the bodyfor the body. You can use some ATP to help make different things. Also a common Cytochrome C is present in animals from all species. So hopefully now I hope you understood some evidence that helps support your evidence for Evolution!

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