Theory of Evolution – Shortassignment Assignment

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How is the theory of evolution used to explain the tremendous diversity of life on Earth? Describe how variation within a population arises and how natural selection differs from artificial selection. Finally, describe how bacteria that become resistant to modern antibiotics Is a clear example of evolution In action. The theory of evolution Is used to explain the extensive diversity of life on Earth by looking at why creatures evolve. The main reason they are able to evolve is that they have a quality that helps them survive in their environment.

If two identical animals re put in very different habitats the future generations will end up with very different characteristics. For example, if a bird of multilayered origin is put in the jungle it could be said that eventually they will evolve to be a species of green birds because they have the best camouflage against predators. Natural selection Is most easily described by how a species survives because of traits dictated by their surroundings. An example of this Is an animal of prey that can run faster than Its heard, will escape a predator and live to breed In the future.

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The offspring will have the genes of a fast parent and likely be fast themselves therefore able to outrun the predator as well. Artificial selection is when humans interfere and only allow certain characteristics to be passed onto the next generation. An example of this is a dog breeder only breeding the dogs with the shiniest coats. The next generation will be heavily influenced to have shiny coats, an example of what they deem a valued characteristic. A very interesting way to see evolution is how bacteria are evolving to become resistant to modern antibiotics.

Once thought to be the cure to many dangerous actuarial Infections antibiotics started to be handed out to Ill patients. Unfortunately, some patients are not finishing their prescribed antibiotics leaving bacteria alive In their bodies that are resistant to the drug. These mutant bacteria quickly reproduce making future generations that are immune to the antibiotics. I can utilize my knowledge of the dangers of antibiotics in my career as a nurse when I work with the elderly in a hospital. I observe that an older patient has abdominal cramping and diarrhea I will assess whether they have recently taken antibiotics because of the risk of C. Official. Being aware of this infection I can collect a stool test to diagnose it. Once diagnosed, I can instruct the patient to stop taking the antibiotic. Then I will counsel them about how C. Difficult Is related to antibiotics. To begin, when the patient takes the drug to treat an Illness It will kill off not only the bacteria making the person sick but the good bacteria found In our Intestines as well. When this Is mammals the dangerous C. Delicate can grow out of control producing toxins that attack the intestine. It is also possible that C. Difficult is becoming crucial it is to finish any prescribed medication.

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