Ecology in Relation to Ecocriticism Assignment

Ecology in Relation to Ecocriticism Assignment Words: 479

Whatever human beings do to the ecosystem have the reflections back. If man does not harm nature, the nature keeps him safe. Ecological concerns have become the centre of today’s discussion. Literature has been responding to the world with its various changes throughout ages. Literary writers have made enormous contributions in representing the world, analyzing its various changes and projecting perspectives in various forms in order to entertain and enlighten the global masses. Though common population was aware of the hazards in the ecosystem to some extend, the dietary writers spurred them through their works.

The literary writers started relating the environment with humans and named the study “Criticisms”. A theoretical analysis of criticisms is being dealt in this article. “We abuse the land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong we begin to use it with love and respect. ” – Aledo Leopold Now-a-days, almost all people have turned their attention towards the planet of life, the earth. The ecosystem which accommodates human beings acts reflexively. Whatever unmans do to the Mother Earth, have the deeds reflected on them.

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A sudden attraction towards the ecosystem came about when scientists found a hole in the ozone layer. Then the people began probing the planet more and more. They became more conscious of the environment in which they live. The word “semiconscious” was coined in 1988. Merriment’s dictionary defines “CEO-consciousness” as marked by or showing concern for the environ meet. When people slowly started understanding what is happening to the ecosystem where they live, they started relating the ecological study -?? which considered the ecological problems like pollution, global warming, etc. – to literature.

There emerged a new field of study over the last three decades. It was not until the end of the twentieth century that the study of literature and the environment was recognized as a subject to rise. The literary people named it “Criticisms” or “Environmental Literary Criticism”. This study addresses how humans relate to the nonhuman nature. A theoretical approach states that criticisms grows out of the traditional approach to literature. Though Criticisms” became a subject heading in the Library of Congress list of “Authorities” in 2002, it is not yet listed in the Oxford English Dictionary.

However many words prefixed “CEO” are listed among them like “coefficients” “economics”, etc. The prefix “CEO” has its root in the Greek word “kiosks” which meant “house”. The Oxford English Dictionary cites the German “ecologic” as the first appearance of “ecology” in 1876, which meant “the branch of biology that deals with the relationships be;en living organisms and their environment. Criticisms was defined as the conflation of ecology and criticism. Criticisms is the criticism of the “house”, the environment as represented in literature.

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