Customer and Extended Marketing Mix Assignment

Customer and Extended Marketing Mix Assignment Words: 448

Process is another component of the extended marketing mix. It is basically associated with the customer service; how does the business, in this case the restaurant, deal with the customer from the first point to the last one. Marketing nowadays has become much more complicated and having a product and a place without having a successful process will not help in developing a relationship with the customer. Therefore the interaction with the customers is crucial, since a decision made by customers always decides their choice in the next time.

It requires a proper encounter, good communication, the right action and a suitable resolution. Furthermore, the aim of the restaurant is to build a long-term relationship with its customer and to support them on a continuing basis. Process mainly covers some steps such as procedures, controls, accessibility, information flows, payments, bookings and speed and timing of delivery. Procedures, from the entrance in the restaurant, have to be followed effectively in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

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In Nandos, there is a welcoming host who accommodates customers on to a table and provides the menus. The second step is for the customer to go to the counter, make the order by giving the table number and paying the amount required. After this, the customer is supposed to collect the cutlery and any sauces or dressings. After the order is brought to the table and the food is consumed, the customer can order additional items such as deserts, without having to go to the counter again. This is the stage where self-service and the traditional one are blended.

In terms of controls and accessibility, Nandos provides its customers with a website and a telephone system which supports the customers effectively, moreover if any complaints or complements, they can be send to their site. Bookings can be made through the phone if a big table is required or at busy times, in our case, weekend at lunch times. A distinctive fact from most of other restaurants is that the food takes very little time to be served since the chicken is half cooked, stored in some special ovens they use to keep it warm and placed straightforwardly on the grill.

Evidently, the busier the place the longer the food will take, however not more than 25 minutes. The main focus on the restaurant is what and how to benefit a customer, which has a direct effect on the customers’ evaluation of enjoying and determining whether they will come back or not. Consequently, if the process sector is carried out effectively, the customer will patronize again. (don’t do delivery but take away…relevant in the process part?? )

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