DNA Replication and Biotechnology Assignment

DNA Replication and Biotechnology Assignment Words: 339

Justify the validity of your model include any limitations of your model. My model is valid because I used reliable sources of information, as referenced in my bibliography, to find information on what DNA replication looks like. The sources showed me what a strand of DNA looks like as well as giving me an explanation of what occurs during DNA replication. As my model is color coded it makes it clearer as to what is occurring during each step in DNA replication as well as what each element is.

It also clarifies what the external elements are when DNA replicates I. E. Helices, polymerase and DNA aliases. However, there are also limitations to my DNA replication model. As this is a series of photographs taken of my model at each major stage, it might not show in detail exactly what does occur during DNA replication. For example it is difficult to show, in real time and to scale, how the external elements (I. E. Helices, RNA premise, DNA polymerase and DNA Aliases etc. ) work in DNA replication. Assess how the understanding of DNA replication has impacted on society. In order to understand the impact that DNA replication has on society, it’s helpful to have an understanding of biotechnology. One definition is: the process used to create a copy/copies of cells, organisms or DNA fragments, e. G. Cloning. Cloning organisms has its advantages. Such as when we clone fruit, wheat and meat. During a food shortage it is a fast and cost effective way of providing food to those who need it.

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However, cloning does have disadvantages. These include unreliable technology, loss of gene diversity and it being unethical. Genetic diversity is what keeps the human race alive. If we were all the same genetically then we would all look the same and be susceptible to die of the same disease. Therefore society’s understanding of DNA replication has taught us that we need to be careful with how it’s used.

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