Business and ecology Assignment

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Businesses damage the environment when they take natural resources from the Earth and dispose of waste. All of this is done within the natural environment, a kind of ecological system or “ecosystem. Ecological Problems: These are the some of the environmental Issues we face today: 1. Non-stop Illegal mining. 2. Alarm pollution contaminates the air, despoils vegetation and crops, corrodes construction materials, and threatens our lives and health. The ozone layer was damaged from chlorofluorocarbons. 3.

Carbon doodle (and other greenhouse gases) are causing global warming. 4. Toxic chemicals In our environment cause many health issues. 5. Nuclear power plants require mining, processing, and transporting of nuclear materials that cause cancer in many people, and it’s unclear that our methods of disposing of nuclear waste are entirely safe. 6. Illegal logging for business purposes. Businesses have traditionally shown obvious indifference towards the environment. Environmental protection was rarely seen as an issue.

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A company would harm the environment to whatever extent was profitable, and they often harmed the environment despite the fact that it was unwarranted to do so. Attitudes of businesses lead to unwarranted environmental damage. In particular, people saw the “natural world as a free and unlimited good”. For example: Even with a government’s effort to stop illegal logging by enforcing log ban, some businesses go through illegal logging and sell it in illegal trade Just for their own gain. Environmental ethics refers to the moral relations between human beings and their trial environment.

More specifically, It refers to the value that mankind places on protecting, conserving, and efficiently using resources that the earth provides. ; Should we continue to cut down the rain forests for the sake of human consumption? ; Should we continue to manufacture petrol-driven cars when we have the technology to make cars which do not pollute the environment? ; Should obligations to future generations? ; Should humans be forced to live a simpler lifestyle in order to protect and preserve the environment?

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