Women in Advertising Assignment

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With the power that these woman have in the adverts trying to change and shape the nation could these images be potentially damaging to the female readers and younger female children growing up with these images of women being arrayed as perfection and how every woman should be. Is this media influencing women by controlling the image of what beauty should be in out society which is controlled by media? On the other hand are women being used as a sex symbol to fulfill male fantasy, maybe so its a well known fact that sex sells.

Are the so called perfect’ women aimed to women or men? Is it what all women dream to be mould themselves into these women or is it what men what to transform women into? Not only could these images damage the minds of young girls and make them then think they should be driving for that fake perfection, it could also narrow the minds of younger boys and lead them to believe if the women and girls don’t look like the media’s idea of perfection then maybe they are not good enough.

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The women used in these advertisements are not what or many people would class as ‘normal’ these women are always very attractive, fabulous complexion, pearly white teeth and have a very slim physique. Out of all the adverts I have looked at I have not seen any with a slightly overweight person in or with women who was not completely gorgeous. What does this say about our nation and even our world?

That we are not interested in reality and we just want to pollute our brains with these airbrushed images of perfection. What are the public trying to achieve by buying the product, do they believe that maybe if they buy that certain toothpaste their teeth will become as white are the models or that a pair of shoes will transform you into a sex symbol, are the majority of women living in a dream world where a pair of shoes could change who they are.

Is there anyone to blame for this or re the women reading these adverts with shallow minds only interested in the glamorous , sexy women who would probably wouldn’t take a second glance if the woman advertising was not the usual attractive model, or is it the media’s fault for originally placing these women in the adverts?

So why are women used so much in the media’s advertising, after analyzing many adverts its not only sexy lingerie and clothing that women advertise they are also taking on a stronger role by advertising which maybe is not so feminine such a DID products. So what makes women so desirable and used o target both sexes, maybe the sex appeal attracts the men and the desirability attracts women.

The use of women in the media does sometimes attract the negative side of media with people claiming some images are women are exploitative and degrading to women and damaging to the readers, there is no doubt that women are too frequently used as a sexual means to sell a product it is a worry that most of the women in the adverts are dressed rather provocatively and not really wearing a great deal, is there a real need for this, is this to attract attention because most people would kook twice at an attractive girl bearing a lot of flesh.

Men do have more control in the media so it seems a man does not have to be a perfect physical specimen yet they are still being portrayed as strong controlling and powerful, whilst was browsing many adverts found no adverts where women are the strong sex or in control its as if they are only allowed to look pretty and not have any sense of control. To me this is very old fashioned way in which women are perceived to look pretty, have no control and be overpowered by men.

After years of hundreds of women standing up for heir rights, fighting to be seen as equal to men then after all the trouble to be seen as equal so many women are playing up to men’s fantasies. The fist advert I have chose to analyses in detail is an advert advertising an expensive designer perfume, this adverts is a very sensual eye catching advert. The advert very simple yet in the same way incredibly eye catching.

The dark background enables the very attractive female model to really stand out, the lighting is soft and therefore compliments the model and makes her even more attractive. The model not surprisingly is wearing a completely cackles dress exposing rather a lot of flesh, the idea of sex sells really is cropping up in many adverts especially this one. The woman is exposing the bare back to the reader and then posing by looking at the camera in an especially seductive way.

In the background of the advert there is a man looking at the model highlighted as if he himself is trying to seduce the woman. The advertising slogan is ‘The secret code of women’ this showing a quite open way to perceive the slogan, it will probably mean different things to different women. This advert does show women in control but not as in intro as the adverts I have seen with men in, so guess its not all bad yet women and companies are still relying on women wearing revealing outfits and being gorgeous to sell the product. Ere much doubt the perfume really is ‘The secret code of women’ because maybe if it was they would of used a more average looking woman fully clothed and not wearing revealing clothing, then again it is only a perfume not a miracle worker and I am sure this perfume has had high sales and lured a lot of women in so even if the company are exploiting women they are only doing what we want them to do, ell us their product and they will do whatever it takes. The second advert have decided to analyses is a new body lotion promising that ‘Your silky soft skin will giggle every day.. Infused with the gorgeous feel- good scent of orange flower, it’s what happiness is made of. ‘ The advert is a very happy, smiley kind of advert which poses a very young, fresh, summery feel. This advert is not very sexual, yes there are two very attractive girls baring some flesh but they are in summery clothes, so don’t see a problem or think the flesh bared is for means eyes. The product is a moisturizer so there is no doubt skin will be on show, soft, supple and silky skin is needed to be seen in order to sell the product.

I think this advert is a good way in which the use of women is used, its not sexy so young girls will not try to look sexy far to young, it is a happy and fun image very bright and cheerful. This image is definitely not damaging to women and womanhood, young girls reading this may want to be like the models but what is wrong with smiling and having fun with your friends, nothing think this company has approached his product and advertising it in a great way with a slogan saying ‘Let your body smile’ which I feel is a great way to remember to product through something as easy as smiling and not sex like most products are sold.

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