Why do people still go to the cinema? Assignment

Why do people still go to the cinema? Assignment Words: 627

Why do people still go to the cinema? In this modern age we have computers, which contain the Internet. The Internet theoretically has endless capabilities and in this modern day people can get hold of any type of media they want whether that be music, TV shows, movies and games; even movies that have not been released. So with all of this in everyone’s grasp people can watch or listen to what ever they want to do thanks to streaming websites or websites that contain torrent downloads where o can download entire series of TV Shows, the newest games and the freshest movies without having to pay a dime.

So why do people still go to the cinema? How come the cinema wasn’t shut down because of all this? There are many reasons people have to still go to the cinema but the main reason why most people go is the experience. Think about it, if you download a movie you have it on a small computer monitor in low video and sound quality, sometimes high if you get lucky. However, when you compare a small laptop or computer with small speakers to a sieve cinema screen with the highest quality video at IPPP and high quality surround sound, there’s not contest into which one is better.

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Everyone loves having a massive screen, high quality video and sound more than a small screen with moderate sound and video quality. It’s the main reason why most people go to the cinema these days; for the amazing experience that the cinema offers to everyone. Other reasons why people go to the cinema include a fun day out with family or friends, 3-D and IMAX technology, the food and the pure silence in the cinema when he movie is on.

Going out with your friends or family to the cinema is a great load of fun compared to sitting at home watching a movie alone or with a few people. When you go to the cinema with your friends and family it adds the experience because you can enjoy it together. You can enjoy the movie in the best way possible with the cinema experience and with the help of your friends or family it makes the experience a whole lot better and more enjoyable as you can see their reactions to certain scenes compared to yours ND after the movie is finished you can ask everyone’s opinion on the film.

Going out with your friends or family is a great reason to go to the cinema as it makes the already amazing experience that much better. The 3-D and IMAX is another reason why people go to the cinema. The 3-D and IMAX make the cinema experience feel more real; it makes you feel like your in the movie or a part of the movie as in certain scene things come flying out of the screen due to the 3-D and IMAX technology.

It’s all a very clever piece of technology and has evolutionists the cinema experience making more people want to go to the cinema as the 3-D and IMAX make you feel more indulged in the film and makes the experience a lot netter compared to a 2-D movie In ten Coleman or a 2-D movie on a computer with low sound and video quality. All of these things help add to the experience of the cinema all together which is why tons of people still go to the cinema monthly, weekly or even daily all because of the experience and the other features that the cinema offers. This is why people go to see films in the cinema.

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