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LIVE PROJECT A Report On [pic] With reference to GOLD Cinema, Salasar Mall, City Center By Aseem Shukla (M. B. A Section 1st year) The NIS Academy, Gwalior. Acknowledgements We would like to thank our mentors Mr. Rohit Mathur and Dr. George Thomas for encouraging us to undertake this study and helping us to prepare questionnaire. We specially thank to the College Management for their whole hearted support to carry out this project. We also thank the Salasar Mall management for their due permission and kind support for allowing us to take responses. We are also grateful to the respondents without whose responses this project ould not have been possible. Contents * Acknowledgement * Executive Summary * Introduction * Objectives * Research methodology * Graphical representation of data * Findings and Analysis * Appendix Executive Summary: This study is all about to understand the consumers’ perception towards the multiplexes and to forecast the future of multiplexes in ‘B’ grade city like Gwalior. The study reveals that the future of the multiplexes in Gwalior is very bright and since there is sudden increase in the per capita income which led to the increase in standard of living of the natives.

Now the metropolitan culture has started intruding in the city and people are in the condition to spend more. The spurt in the nationwide standard of living of the people has led to some very drastic changes in the current scenario. This study is carried out with the help of questionnaire which discloses the extravagant responses of the respondents towards the multiplexes. We approached the potential respondents on various places like educational institutes, malls and various shopping outlets to have their responses.

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As per the data collected we found that all respondents welcome the culture of multiplexes in the city. The people are very happy to have the pleasant experience of watching the movies in multiplexes which they so far used to get only in metropolitans but now in their homeland. The fact is quite apparent with the kind of data we have gathered through this study which is mentioned later. Introduction: What is multiplex? A multiplex is a movie theater complex with three or more screens. The largest of these complexes are sometimes referred to as a megaplex.

In India, the mushrooming of multiplexes since the mid-90s has changed the dynamics of the Indian Film Industry. Production costs are now recovered in days, not months and viewers have really caught on to the concept. There have been concerns over high ticket prices and the phenomena has predominantly been restricted to the larger cities, but Indian cinema chains like PVR (Priya Village Roadshow) Inox and CineMax are slowly but surely changing the rules of exhibition in the world’s largest film industry. Gwalior Gwalior is a city in Madhya Pradesh in India. It has a population of over 16 lakh (1,600,000).

The Gwalior metropolitan area is the 46th most populated area in the country. Gwalior occupies a strategic location in the Gird region of North India, and the city and its fortress have served as the center of several of North India’s historic kingdoms. At present also its strategic location is marked by the presence of major air base at Maharajpura. Gwalior is the administrative headquarters of Gwalior district and Gwalior division. The concept of multiplex is very new in the city. The very first multiplex of the city is accredited to Gold Cinema at Salasar Mall.

Though a large chunk of the natives have been to multiplexes somewhere or the other but still a large chunk remains unexplored. The people perceive it as an advancement in the city’s culture and are desperately waiting for some more multiplexes to come one of which is FUN Cinema that is about to come in the offing. This positive and welcome approach of consumers is a propitious omen for the other players in this entertainment industry. Objectives: 1. To understand consumers’ perception towards multiplexes. 2. Future of multiplexes in Gwalior. Limitations of the study: . This study is purely based on the responses received from the respondents. 2. Since we are not the authorized researchers so this study is made keeping in view utmost cost effectiveness. 3. This study is done in a limited time span. Research Methodology: Universe: Gwalior City Sample size: 210 respondents Sampling Design: Stratified Random Sampling:- This study has been done in various strata like educational institutes, malls, shopping outlets and Apparel showrooms. Method of Data collection: The views of the respondents were ascertained by means of a questionnaire.

As far as possible, persons with different age groups and educational backgrounds were selected as a sample but the honest responses could be got from the youth who constitute 93% of the total sample. We approached 210 people as a sample and the questionnaire was filled by us by asking the questions to them. Graphical representation of the data: 1. Do you find Gold up to your expectations? [pic] 2. What attracts you towards Gold Cinema? [pic] 3. How did you come to know about Gold Cinema? [pic] 4. Have you ever been to any multiplex? [pic] 5. Do multiplexes have bright future in the market? [pic] . Did you find ticket price as per the services and quality provided? [pic] 7. Are you satisfied with the quality and price of the refreshment? [pic] In case of no, [pic] 8. How often do you visit Gold Cinema? [pic] 9. If Gold is closed by any reason, would you prefer to visit other theaters? [pic] 10. What are the areas of improvement? [pic] 11. Do you think visiting Gold as your status symbol? [pic] 12. Would you encourage others to visit Gold? [pic] 13. In respect of security system, how’d you rate Gold cinema? [pic] 14. If given an opportunity, I’d like to watch movies only in multiplex? pic] Findings & Analysis: On the basis of the attitudes reflected in the answers in the questionnaire, the following observations are made: 1. A majority of people find Gold up to their expectations because it is a very new experience in the city for the natives and they find it much better than other local theaters in terms of quality and services. (The key issues over which Gold has an edge over local theaters: * The quality of picture and sound is much better than other local theaters. * Gentry are better as compared to other theaters. They find Gold more secured than other theaters. ) 2. Multiplexes have bright future in Gwalior. 3. There are key issues on which Gold Cinema underscores than other multiplexes like PVRs, INOX, Waves etc. such as space, size of the screen, quality of sound and picture. (* Structure: * The size of hall is too small. * Not enough spacious which leads to suffocation, congestion at the time of intermission. * The distance between screen and seats is too less that causes visibility problems and bad effect on eyes. The size of screen is too small * Security: Security is less as compared to the quantum of crowd that comes to the hall. * Quality: The quality of sound and picture is not up to the mark. * Food court is small that leads to the congestion at the time of interval. Even the services are too slow and time consuming. 4. Though a large chunk of people are satisfied with the refreshment still nearly half of them want the price to be reduced. (* Price of the ticket is higher as per the services and quality provided. No concession is provided for the students. ) 5. The people are multiplex savvy enough and are intending to watch movies even twice a month though a majority opts for once in a month. 6. The quantum of people loyal to multiplex is approx. 75% which shows the clear picture of the success of multiplexes in Gwalior in future. 7. Nearly 44% people won’t watch a movie in other theaters in case multiplex is not available. 8. People are highly concerned about their status in the society and around 51% people think watching movies in multiplex as their status symbol. . 85% people will encourage their colleagues and others to watch movies in multiplexes. 10. Around 65% people rate multiplexes well in security and thus visit them from this perspective. Suggestions: 1. There should be an exclusive show for the executive class people with a bit higher range in ticket prices with amenities. 2. There should be some concession for the student class. 3. There should be multi-price tickets for different time intervals. (For ex. Weekend evenings the price can be more whereas it can be less for weekdays). 4.

While intermission, the ready to eat products like patties, popcorns, soft drinks should only be made available to the customers so as to avoid the rush that happens because of the limited space. Another option is that to increase the manpower at the time of rush. 5. The security should also be beefed up to curb the anti-social elements. (For ex. In the case of release of ‘Jodha Akbar’ show the kind of chaos created should be controlled. ) 6. The communication of the staff members should be more courteous towards the customers. Appendix: The questionnaire is duly attached.

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