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Vapor provides a safer alternative to smoking by providing our customers with the best e-cigarettes on the market. We may be a little over the top sometimes, but that’s only because we’re passionate about our products. We take pride in helping people make the transition from regular “analog” cigarettes to a more enjoyable, odorless alternative. Objectives: Expand e-CGI product line by 200% by June of 2014 2014 SOOT Analysts: Strength-

Expand e-liquid flavor line to over 1 50 flavors by June of Healthier than smoking regular cigarettes or cigars No butts to throw away Less chance of a fire Can choose lower levels of nicotine Weakness- Our current inventory is limited Nicotine is poisonous Opportunity- We will be the only vapor shop in Hill County Conveniently located downtown Hillsboro, TX in the center of Hill County Threats- An established Cigarette store in Hillsboro, TX Willingness to switch from “analog” cigarettes to digital e-Gigs

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E-gigs are a newer product that not every smoker is ready to make the switch to. Competitive Advantage We offer fresh made e-liquid; we do not make it until it is ordered We offer competitive pricing with larger markets such as Dallas/Fort Worth area and the Waco area We specialize in e-Gigs and e-CGI accessories We are family owned and operated Target Market Current “analog” smokers and current e-CGI users Product We offer e-CGI starter kits to make the switch from analog to digital All of our e-juice is made in house

We carry top of the line e-CGI products Price Our pricing is status quo priced We are doing the odd/even pricing, most of the items end with 99 Place We are located on a busy street in Hillsboro, one block East of the courthouse Our location has ample parking Promotion We currently offer a free e-juice deal, the customer purchases ten 1 ml bottles and receives one ml bottle free We have a Faceable page We have an ad running in the local newspaper.

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