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There are mom campaigns that antimissile be viral. Viral advertising has attracted advertisers in recent years, yet little is known about how exactly it works from an information processing perspective. This study extends knowledge by exploring how the emotional tone (pleasant, unpleasant, active) Of viral video ads affects attitude toward the ad, attitude toward the brand, and forwarding intentions. Results indicate that pleasant emotional tone elicits the strongest attitude toward the ad, attitude toward the brand, and intention to forward.

The effects were weaker for active tone and weakest for negative emotional tone. These results challenge the common approach of shocking or scaring online users to motivate them to forward a Viral video. But how does viral advertising works? Viral Marketing or advertising is a process in marketing that can easily spread an idea through disseminating content that commonly targets emotions. Everything that is viral has to start with something and so it begins with content. And content comes in various forms like videos, message, images and a text-based content.

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And with these content people are inspired and encouraged to take action. From your content you will have your audience and they will find it compelling then they ill take action to it by sharing and so it will attract more visitors and they will find it again compelling sharing it over and making a content sharing cycle. But why do people share content over the web? It is because the content is so interesting that the audience feels like sharing it to others or the content’s creator has personal relationship to the sharer or sharing the content benefits the one who shares it.

There are also types and content used in online viral campaigns that achieve the most success, its either controversial, humorous, compelling useful, visually appealing, entertaining, or first of the mind. In essence, viral content is something that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to share to your circle because you can relate to it, you believe it provides something high value to you and to you network, and because you believe that sharing the experience is the right thing to do. So how does our great content spread quickly?

One way is peer seeding, where one person shares to one of his/her friend sharing it to others and so on. Influencer marketing is also a way to quickly spread the content by having the content post by a powerful influencer that can influence a large number of audience for example a popular artist or a government officials etc. Or using a paid channel for promoting your content. Having a valuable content and a structured campaigns and of course your audience that make your content go viral.

And the key elements for a successful online viral campaign are, subjects must appeal a large number of audiences, it could pertains or shared by someone who is really influential, and it should have persistent promotional campaign. The process builds awareness, brand retention and mind share. That’s what makes viral advertising is so powerful when used as a marketing tool. What are the effects and the impact of viral advertising? Back in the day, advertisements were only seen in newspapers or on W. Now it seems that advertising has a new playground, the World Wide Web.

Ads have appeared as banners, pop-up ads, social media, and lately, in the form of Youth videos. Ads in the form of Youth videos are often called ‘viral ads,’ especially when they gather millions of views, and are part of a viral marketing campaign. How effective viral advertising is? Its main objective is to increase brand awareness through replicating a viral like process, like the bread of virus in computers. Often, viral videos are spread through sharing by viewers, like word Of mouth. Viral marketing often Comes in the form Of videos, but they also come in games, software, images or messages.

The main goal is to create infectious, viral messages that appeal to their target market with high SNAP (social networking potential) that can easily spread through individuals. But why are they so effective? It is because the internet has enabled companies to reach out to the consumers at a more personal and interactive level. 75% of the internet’s total population go to a social outworking site like Faceable, Twitter and Youth, where time spent in social media is a LOT more than time spent on email.

The sharing effect is fast and rapid, It’s like a Pyramid scheme back in the day. Bagging thousands of new accounts via email word-of-mouth, or viral marketing as it is now known, has a number of benefits. It also has some downsides. One of which is the spam generated by “affiliates” and others looking to refer accounts to your Web site to claim referral fees. In spite of the fact that viral marketing is an efficient way of marketing and promoting the products, it does have its repacks and negative aspects as well.

The main disadvantages of the viral marketing are that you have to work in association with an unknown group, chances of getting an unsolicited e-mail threats and the dilution of the brand and much more. Viral marketing, like all marketing is hit and miss. It is more risky and controversial as comparative to traditional marketing. If done improperly viral marketing can backfire and create negative buzz. Besides this, there are more disadvantages to Viral Marketing. Viral content may be a video clip of streaming video and also may be excessively large for the recipient to receive.

All may not have the quick connection to the broadband internet, so this can be a substantial issue. The media format may also be a matter of concern if for instance you entail the need for particular software to view the message. If a viral campaign is executed through an email attachment, than software like firewalls and anti-virus may put-off you from viewing the message. As the name “viral” tells us, this form of marketing can spread uncontrolled like a virus, egg. With positive but also negative side effects. The effects of viral marketing can only be controlled to a certain extent and are dependent on the one’s creativity.

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