Use the power of E-marketing to reach billions of worldwide Assignment

Use the power of E-marketing to reach billions of worldwide Assignment Words: 1506

The revolution of Information technology (IT) has changed the way consumers communicate and acquire information today. Nowadays internet becomes vitally Important as a mass medium to for companies on communication with customers. This change has become key focus on marketing strategies. E-marketing is a term that refers to use of the Internet,’Web and related Information technologies to conduct marketing activities (Garnishment’s, 2006). In fact E- marketing Is using digital technology and electronic media specifically the Internet for trading or selling goods.

E-marketing, also known as web marketing or online marketing, refers the employment of the information technologies such as Internet/Web and other related technologies (2006, as cited In Sales’ & Mirage, 2012). According to Sales’ and Mirage (2012), e-marketing is applying electronic technology and media such as the internet in purpose of marketing goods or services. Because of the easy and fast access to the internet. E-marketing became an indispensable part of marketing areas, especially for companies which felt unsatisfied or frustrated on the return on Investment from their tradition marketing efforts.

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Marketing managers should recognize the power of internet-based marketing and take advantage of this medium to reach customers effectively. The purpose of this article is threefold. First, I argue that marketing managers should recognize the power of Internet-based marketing because e-marketing becomes an extremely important part of the today’s marketing mix due to the huge changes and new trends in communication method with customers. Second, I illustrate the advantages of e- marketing by comparing specific tools between Internet-based marketing and traditional marketing.

And I also propose some challenges on internet-based arresting. Finally, I introduce managers to several effective e-marketing methods to engage more consumers. Why e-marketing becomes extremely Important for business today? I think It because the changes for the way of information communication and acquirement. [As it is now known, information and communication technology begins to play an essential Job in all aspects of marketing combination, and the business world realizes that it is extremely important to pay attention on communications when build connections with customers.

Furthermore, enterprises, especially for small medium enterprise, are able to afford and apply electronic or online communications to their business. (Geezer & Grumbler, 2012)) Nowadays, businesses can directly communicate in real time with their consumers and deliver information or business businesses or even existing consumers directly online. On the consumer side, the internet has offered a great chance to obtain consumption-related information to consumers no matter anytime anywhere.

Because through the world wide web, anyone with a computer and internet access are able to explore, Join, and contribute to any online community at any time. This change allows consumers to participate in acquiring information without a passive position. For example, social network sites provide a useful platform for consumer to share information and experience online and it can aggregate millions consumers in a short time. Meanwhile, e-marketing allows the businesses to reach consumers in a variety ways and enables the enterprises to offer a broad range of goods and services.

Because e-marketing is able to provide enterprises with new communication channels in terms of information management, public relations, customer services and sales. For example, company is able to post an announcement on business website or other official channels of online media instantly before convene a press to public. E-marketing allows business operate customer service activities online instead of using call center or mailing. Moreover, Company has a great access to engage in marketing research of consumers by using e-marketing channels.

Why e-marketing is the new, modern, and suitable tool for engaging consumers? Comparing to traditional marketing tools, e-marketing has divers and more effective tools to carry out a closer connection with consumers. In traditional marketing consumers can see and touch the real goods or service but the domain of effect is low, on the other hand using of E-marketing will exceed the boundaries and introduce goods and services to the demographic of internet users. Also using the internet would be more chipper, faster and convenient for marketing.

Approximately the advantages of E-marketing are quit greater than advantages of traditional marketing. [According to Sales’ and Mirage (2012), in traditional way, although consumers can take a look and feel the real products or services, the effect area is limited. To the contrary, by using e-marketing, company can beyond the distance with consumers and show their goods and services without geographical limitations. Moreover, by using e-marketing, it would be more activate, immediate and useful for company operate marketing activities.

Generally, e-marketing has more advantages than traditional marketing] Internet marketing has this ability to provide an immediate impact. For example while reading a magazine we see a double-page advert for some new products or services, maybe Bum’s latest luxury sedan or Apple’s latest pod offering. With this mind of traditional media, it’s not that much easy for a consumer to think about a real value of a product. With E-marketing, it’s easy to get information, meaning that within a few short clicks we could book a test drive or order the pod. Imagine you’re reading your favorite magazine. You see a double-page flyer which may contain information about Bum’s latest luxury sedan or Apple’s latest pod. In product to actual acquisition. However, with e-Marketing, it’s easy to make that step as simple as possible, meaning that within a few short clicks you could have booked a test drive or ordered the pod. And all of this can happen regardless of normal office hours. Effectively, Internet marketing makes business hours 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for every week of the year. E-newsletters, for instance, typically have quick-read headlines and opening paragraphs, which encourage recipients to link to the Web site to finish an article. Such click-thorough provide valuable marketing information. It should note that the timeliness of an e-newsletter offers clear advantages over a print version. Because print newsletters normally require three or four days on printing process and another two or three days on mailing, in contrast, he e-mail newsletter is immediate or the delivery of e-newsletter is in a flash.

Therefore, the immediacy in addition to the lower cost enables e-newsletters to be an extremely effective marketing tool. Another great advantage of e-marketing is that it can help smaller businesses to open their market by its lower cost than traditional marketing. E-marketing can create opportunities to businesses, on a much affordable budget, to gain potential consumers from all over the world. Managers already realize the importance of e-marketing, but how to effective use e- marketing tools?

I propose several efficient e-marketing tips and methods for arresting managers to enable company reach much more consumers than ever before. First, before e-marketing, decide which audience segment is the focus for different internet marketing channels. Discover which online media the audience members use. For example, Adults aged 18 to 33 years are more likely to watch videos and use social networking sites compared with people older than 55 years (Zurich, 2010, as cited in Thacker & Niger, 2012). Second, company e-marketing can take advantage of social media.

Wisped describes social media as the online technologies and practices that people use to hare opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other. Needled (2008, as cited in Managed & Faults, 2009) categorizes all social media into three groups: content syndication (blobs, bedposts, videodiscs), content sharing (user- generated content, wise, widgets, reviews) and community building (social networks, online communities). By using social media, as a tool of e-marketing, company can provide networking platforms to consumers.

That means company can create online communities which focus on shared interests and value to attract consumers with same interests and value. For instance, The Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain 2008 presidential campaigns used their online presence to gather supporters together and provide information. Faceable groups and other forms of online communication have sprung up around Steven Spielberg movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and other films.

Similarly, a number of online communities exist to serve the needs of new mothers, including Baby-Zone. Com, Machinations. Com, and Kentucky Contaminants. Com. Consumers. For example, Pepsi (2008) uses its Pepsi Stuff online customer loyalty aerogram to engage consumers by enabling them to redeem points for MPH downloads, television show downloads, CDC, DVD’s, electronics, and apparel. Campaign participants are also allowed to participate in sweepstakes drawings for larger prizes, such as home theater systems and trip giveaways.

Coca Cola (2008) has a similar campaign entitled “My Coke Rewards. ” Such online voting activities give Internet users a sense of ownership and increased engagement. (Managed & Faults, 2009) When implemented correctly, the return on investment (ROI) from e-Marketing can far exceed that of traditional marketing strategies. Whether you’re a “bricks and mortar” business or a concern operating purely online, the Internet is a force that cannot be ignored. It can be a means to reach literally millions of people every year.

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