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Explain the role of digital marketing within the overall marketing strategy Dealt marketing, is marketing that uses electronic devices such as computers, smartness and tablets to engage with stakeholders. We have started to integrate traditional and modern marketing methods, such as flyers, advertisements and have started to explore social media marketing, email marketing and use of websites. These platforms allow organizations to effectively and inexpensively promote or market reduces and services to consumers and businesses.

A marketing strategy combines marketing goals in a comprehensive plan. An effective marketing strategy will use market research and focus on the right product mix In order to achieve the maximum profit potential and sustain the business. When integrating digital marketing within the overall marketing strategy it allows an organization to be more specific when targeting an audience as the business can receive detailed data on the target demographic and also how successful the organizations efforts are to target this roof using tools such as Google analytics.

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In addition to this It Is easier for a business to track their return on investment more accurately compared to more traditional marketing channels. 1. 2 Explain the strengths and weaknesses of digital marketing for different marketing applications There are many advantages and disadvantages to using digital marketing for different applications. For example, when a business uses social media channels to promote a product or service, they can choose to use social media channels such as Faceable, Twitter, Google+ and ore.

Below have explored the strengths and weaknesses of using digital media as a whole. Advantages Disadvantages Direct contact with audience, the organization can ask their target audience questions and receive feedback allowing them to not only meet their customer needs but exceed them. A business can’t control what other people say about the business on social media; this could impact negatively on the brand.

Faceable is a great tool for product development, an example of this is the Maritime campaign where the cuisines asked customers to explain why the love maritime for a chance of becoming an elite customer who tastes new recipes and becomes a brand ambassador. This campaign allowed the business to create a sense of brand awareness with existing and new customers. The fast paced nature of social media marketing can make reaching large audiences very hard, as competitors from all sectors are competing to gain potential customers attention.

It is relatively easy to monitor campaigns using digital marketing tools such as Google analytics. Posing content to social media sites can be time consuming, because the internet is a fast paced an organization always has to move quickly when making statements or releasing products. An advertisement on the Internet Is less expensive than a print or television advertisement. When advertising online a business has a much wider reach, ultimately they can the business geographical reach as the internet is accessible worldwide.

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