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The drink since then has developed well and it quickly became popular and the drink then became known as 71-JP. There has been some early advertisement as well and a logo has been created for the drink. PUP became the third best selling drink in the world because it was getting more known and recognized by having a logo because people would be able to recognize the drink. PepsiCo has branded Its soft drink product JP In many ways throughout the years to get it to where it Is now, It is a drink that Is sold all over the world In many stores and many people enjoy it so it is quite popular and this is because of things such as advertising. JP has used advertising such as a cartoon mascot named “Spot” which represents the red ball which is on the log between the 7 and the UP as you can see In the logo that Is shown, It has gone from the mascot to other things such as “Its an UP thing” and “Make LCP Yours” tastiness. The other logo that is shown at the top is the logo that PepsiCo uses for outside the USA. PepsiCo have used branding as one of the marketing techniques to market their products such as JP.

I have already mentioned how PepsiCo has used many types of ways to get Its brand LCP and seen s something to people, a lot of people are able to see the 7;up logo which Is placed on the soft drink products and this is a way for people to be able to recognize the product and because 7-JP is such a known brand a lot of people would choose to buy the product over other products that are not as known because they know this brand and find It reliable and trust that there is nothing wrong It because they might have had it before as it has been around for quite a long time. UP is a brand that is very known and therefore many people might try and change something such as the logo which they could add something to and then use it which LCP wouldn’t want to allow because the logo has stayed the same for quite a while and a change to the logo might confuse people, this is the reason why brands such as PUP will ensure that their brand is protected and that anyone who changes something such as the logo can be sued.

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Growth Strategies This Is another marketing technique that companies such as PepsiCo use for their products and this is called growth strategies. Growth strategies are about the many things that can be done to help the company to grow bigger and become more popular and known. There are many ways that a company can use growth strategies and this can be by selling more products to existing customers, bring out new products, find new customers for the products you currently sell and new products for new customers.

These 4 ways to grow and known as organic growth which is 1 OFF more known and one main thing that they have done is bring out new products. PepsiCo has many products which are big recognized brands as you can see in the table on the right. By looking at the table you can see that the most successful product by PepsiCo is the Pepsi soft and then you can see the other products that PepsiCo owns and sells that are successful but not as successful as the Pepsi soft drink.

PepsiCo has introduced a lot of products. PepsiCo has many products because it has found many gaps in the market, it doesn’t Just have one specific product for its customers, it has a range of different products that people can choose from so if someone didn’t want to buy a Pepsi soft drink they could choose to buy other known soft drinks that are owned and sold by PepsiCo such as 7-UP, Mountain Dew, Diet Pepsi etc. And the same applies to the other products that PepsiCo sells such as crisps.

Relationship Marketing Customers There are many different relationships that an organization has with an organization and this can be with stakeholders which is anyone who has an interest in the business. There are many relationships that PepsiCo has with its stakeholders and this can be anything from customers, suppliers, staff, competitors, shareholders etc. These each have a different relationship with the organization such as the main one would be customers which is very important.

The relationship between the organization PepsiCo and its customers is very good. There are many customers for he products and services that PepsiCo provides and they all have a good relationship with the organization, they know that PepsiCo is a trusted, known organization that has been around for quite a while and they would trust that the products and services by PepsiCo are reliable so they are likely to choose them over other competitors.

PepsiCo gets many customers worldwide due to their products and they will need to ensure that they have a good relationship with their customers so that they can get customers coming back and buying other products that they sell. PepsiCo is mainly known for selling Pepsi and other drinks and they have a legislations with their customers who they know buy their products such as Pepsi, they have introduced other types of drinks and other products and they would expect their customers to be buying their other products too because they have such a good relationship with them.

They started off small with their first products. In relationship marketing organizations focus on their long-term customers and this is exactly what PepsiCo does, this is because they know that because they have a good relationship with their customers then they would be able to introduce new products and know hat they would have long-term customers buying them because their customers know that their organization is trustworthy and reliable to buy from.

PepsiCo do many things so that they can build relationships with customers, they represent the community, environmental and social interests and they ensure that they are engaging with their stakeholders mainly the customers. PepsiCo customers are willing to buy any new products that they may introduce because they know how successful they are and that any new products are likely to be as good as the others. Http://www. Pup. Com/page/history/ http://en. Wisped. Org/wick/PepsiCo http://www. PepsiCo. Mom/Purpose/Overview/Stakeholder-Engagement. HTML Branding Academy has many products that have been branded for a long time and have built up a reputation so they are known around the world. One product that Academy owns is Dairy Milk and this product is quite known in a lot of countries. Dairy Milk is a brand of milk chocolate currently manufactured by Academy. Dairy Milk is a much known product by Academy and is sold worldwide in many countries. There has been a lot of branding that Academy has done for its many products.

The milk chocolate Diary Milk product was the first Diary Milk bar to be made. There had been more introduced after and these were Fruit and Nut and Whole Nut and this lead to Academy being the brand leader in the United Kingdom. The first way that the Diary Milk product by Academy was recognized was by its name. There had been many names suggested but then the name Diary Milk stuck after a customers daughter suggested it and since then this is what it has been known by which has helped the product to be recognized all over the world.

Another way to brand the Diary Milk reduce was by having a slogan which was introduced in 1928 and this was the “glass and a half” slogan, this advertised the products higher milk content. There are many other ways that Academy have used to brand its products such as the Diary Milk product and these have been successful making their products very popular. The name Diary Milk and its slogan are recognized all over and this is because of branding which has helped the product to become more known all over the world and Academy have done this for other products they own such as Wisps, Flake, Twirl, Crunchier etc. ICC are all known brands for products owned by Academy. Diary Milk is a known brand so this means that many people when choosing a product are more likely to decide to choose a product that is owned by Academy and that they know and recognize so this could be Diary Milk which has been branded through many different techniques and is known so when customers are choosing a product they would probably rather choose Diary Milk rather then a product that they might not have heard of, this is because they know that this product is reliable and therefore they would buy it instead.

Diary Milk has also had TV advertisements to help the brand to become more popular which costs Academy a lot of money because putting advertisements on TV is very expensive. There have been many advertisements for the Diary Milk product by Academy and they are done by “a GLASS and a HALF FULL PRODUCTION”. Growth strategies This is another marketing technique that companies such as Academy use for their popular and known.

There are many different growth strategies that can be used to help a company to grow and get more known. There are many ways that a company an use growth strategies and this can be by selling more products to existing customers, bring out new products, find new customers for the products you as organic growth which is growth from within. Academy have used many growth strategies such as by selling more products.

Academy didn’t Just focus on one product but instead introduced more and have a different variety of products that customers can choose from. They started off with products such as Diary Milk and then went onto introducing different types of Diary Milk products such as Fruit and Nut and Whole Nut and then after this went onto introducing other products such as different bars like Twirl and Wisps and then went onto products such as bags, boxes and tins which is products like Bitts Wisps and Twirl Bites.

Academy brought out a lot of new products for their existing customers so they had more products to choose from and also by introducing new products this meant that Academy would be able to gain new customers who might be interested in the other new products that they introduced, by doing things like this Academy was growing more and more popular because it as providing more products to existing customers and gaining new customers for new products that were being introduced.

The picture on the right is showing the products that Academy introduced in order from 1865 which the first product was introduced till 2012 where the latest product was introduced. There are many products that Academy have introduced and this a good way for Academy to use growth strategies as they are introducing new products that are completely different to their other products such as Dairy Milk, Twirl, Wisps etc. All have different unique tastes that different people. Relationship Marketing business.

There are many relationships that Academy has with its stakeholders and would be customers which is very important. Academy are the same as most organizations that have built good relationships with their stakeholders especially their customers and this is something that is good to have in organization because if you have a relationship with customers then you can then introduce new products and know that the long-term customers who know and trust PepsiCo will choose their products over other competitors that are less known.

Academy ensures that its legislations with its customer is good and it ensures it does his by having on going discussions with its customer. Academy ensure that they are meeting their customer’s needs and this is done by ensuring that they are providing the products that customers want. Academy also introduce new products for their customers which makes sure that’s there more than one product for customers to choose from because some products may not be what customers want but Academy has a range of different products so they have a lot to choose from.

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