TV Drama: Act Structure Assignment

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Drama Structure Each Act is roughly 10-14 pages – depending how long your teaser is. When you break the story, first concentrate on Just the beats that push the plot, then add the emotional color and character stuff. I’ll throw down the basics in a four act structure, then get Into more detail In the (parentheses)… Teaser: 4-5 pages. Introduce the mystery/ character problem. (Hook your audience, make this as potent as possible) Act One: Introduce the main elements of the case/ problem. Build your mystery, make it clear what the main character is dealing with.

The Galactic needs water b/c their supply Is running out, ugly Betty needs to befriend her Auber-enemy In order to get her boss’ attention. ) End of Act One: What needs to be done is clear. Act Two: The investigation/ plan is underway. Collect evidence, protagonist figures out how to solve the problem, begins to generate a plan. (Fox Mulled believes this is the work of a supernatural curse. Not a serial killer. Carrie Bradshaw needs to find Miranda a date to pull her out of her emotional slump. ) End of Act Two: What you think is happening is flipped on its head. (The DNA collected by the CSS team shows the killer Is not a man, It’s a child!

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Veronica Mars discovers that the secrets were hidden by none other than her own father’) Act Three: The problem/ issue/ case is inflated, the main complications ensue. Things generally get worse. (Tony Soprano discovers the heist Christopher pulled can somehow get linked back to him, and the RICH act will allow for an arrest…. The only witness to the heist Just fled town on Walker Texas Ranger, now what? ) And of Act Three: The black moment. The character Is further away from their goal and has exasperated the situation somehow. (Executive Dacca McCoy has the killer on the stand, but the evidence against him has been thrown out.

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