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Puppyish Pander: The legendary ‘Mile Sure Mere Tempura’ has been forever etched in our minds thanks to this man. Years ago, this ad promoting national integrity and unity in diversity was written by Puppyish Pander who was then only an account manager. Then came Catbird Dairy Milk, Officio, Ulna and many more advertisements that displayed Panders creativity in a nutshell & won him almost 500 awards. He is now the Executive Chairman and Creative Director of Googol & Matter, a company best known for its recent Zoos campaign for Avoidance. In 2004, Pander became the first Asian to become the President of the Cannes Jury.

A passionate and ambitious person, he is also the perfect embodiment of a creative marketing genius in India. Normal Kumar: A prolific spokesman on strategy, marketing, branding, retailing and distribution, he is co-director of Ditty Barilla India Centre at London Business School. His name secures a position in our list as he has worked with more than 500 companies as leader and coach across the world. Proof Samara’s case studies on Amazon, Red Bull, Wall-Mart & Ezra has won many awards and his books, ‘Marketing as a strategy – Understanding the Coo’s agenda for driving growth & Innovation’ & Indian’s Global Powerhouses’ are must-reads.

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Random Chuddar: Besides being the founder of Pullman group of companies and the charity The Great Indian Dream Foundation, Chuddar is also an avid writer, speaker and film producer. His paper titled ‘Sharpen your marketing skills’ covers everything from sales management to advertising to marketing communication and social marketing – highly recommended to all marketing aficionados. Also read his self-help guide – ‘Count your chickens before they hatch’ as it attained immense popularity. Pearson Josh’: An internationally acclaimed Indian advertising professional, Pearson

Josh also belongs to the world of poems, films and songs (he sings most of his ad jungles). If this is not enough, he’s also South-East Sais’s creative head of McCann- Erickson. What makes him a marketing guru is his ability to position brands in a way that’ll catch audience’s attention immediately. His work on .NET India, Scaffold, LOG, Marco, Preterit, Happen & coca-cola earn EAI ml ten title ‘AAA guru AT IANAL’ Ram Charka: A highly acclaimed business advisor, speaker and author, Charka is a distinguished personality as he has trained some of the world’s most successful

Coo’s. He has been the driving force behind companies like GE, KILL, Bank of America, DuPont, Innovators, EMCEE & Verizon. His practical, real world ideas along with emphasis on innovation make him a world-renowned guru. Sermons dad Chunk: He dons many roles as a Journalist, film and theatre personality, advertising and marketing man. He is best remembered for his government program in Brazil that made women feel guilty for not breast-feeding in the late ass’s. He applied marketing & advertising methods, using celebrity testimonials advocating the ‘right’ way to breast-feed.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health and EUNICE were so impressed with his marketing genius that they offered him a Job. Much later, Dad Chunk did a campaign for Dale targeting consumers who could not afford ghee. The campaign – ‘Dale is good for you’- was a milestone and a great marketing success. Gait Partial: Has been writing for many years now on the Indian corporate sector and other eminent publications. Her book Business and Politics in India??A historical perspective was published by the Indian Institute of Management, Mandated. She is now the managing editor of The Smart Manager, Indian’s first world-class management magazine.

Shiva Cheer: As the founder of Qualified Learning Systems, Cheer encourages people to explore and experiment with their potential. He is not only a marketing expert, whose client list includes Lufthansa, Johnson & Johnson, Motorola, Nestle, ASK, Phillips, HASH and MM, but also a management guru & a successful entrepreneur. His book You can win’ is packed with loads of information & knowledge. Apart from the above, there are other unconventional marketing gurus that cannot be ignored. Mari Khan for example. A man who could make ushers in multiplexes have their heads to promote a character in his film can only be a marketing genius.

As some correctly say, “With Mari, you hire a celebrity as a brand ambassador and get a marketing manager and creative director free! ” About Sidney Sheldon: An Academy Award-winning American writer. His TV works spanned a 20-year period during which he created The Patty Duke Show (1963-66), I Dream of Jeannie (1965-70) and Hart to Hart (1979-84), but he became most famous after he turned 50 and began writing best-selling novels such as Master of the Game (1982), The Other Side of Midnight (1973) and Rage of Angels (1980). He is the sixth best selling writer of all time.

He is the author of 18 novels (which have sold over 300 million copies), over 200 television scripts, 25 major motion pictures and 6 Broadway plays. In 1969, Sheldon wrote his first novel, The Naked Face, which earned him a nomination for the Edgar All n Poe Award Trot ten Mystery writers AT America In ten category AT Best Horst Novel. His next novel, The Other Side of Midnight, climbed to #1 on The New York Times Best Seller list as did several ensuing novels, a number of which were also made into motion pictures or TV miniseries.

His novels often featured determined women who persevere in a tough world run by hostile men. Sheldon won an Academy Award for Writing Original Screenplay (1947) for The Bachelor and the Bobby-sorer, a Tony Award (1959) for his musical Redhead, and was nominated for an Emmy Award for his work on I Dream of Jeannie, an NBC sitcom. Sheldon had a Golden Palm Star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars dedicated to him in 1994. Most of his readers were women.

Asked why this was the case he said: “l like to write about women who are talented and capable, but most important, retain their femininity. Women have tremendous power ?? their femininity, because men can’t do without it. ” Sheldon died on January 30, 2007 from complications arising from pneumonia at Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, California. His remains were cremated, the ashes interred in Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery.

Novels: The Naked Face (1970) The Other Side of Midnight (1973) A Stranger in the Mirror (1976) Bloodline (1977) Rage of Angels (1980) Master of the Game (1982) If Tomorrow Comes (1985) Windmills of the Gods (1987) The Sands of Time (1988) Memories of Midnight (1990) Ђ The Doomsday Conspiracy (1991) The stars Shine Down (1992) Nothing Lasts Forever (1994) Morning, Noon and Night (1995) The Best Laid Plans (1997) Tell Me Your Dreams (1998) The Sky IS Falling (2001) Are You Afraid of the Dark? 2004) About S. N. D. T. UNIVERSITY Seriatim Nathalie Dammar Thacker’s Women’s University (SNOT) is a women’s university in the city of Iambi, India. The university headquarters are situated at Churchgoer in South Iambi, while the main campus is in Contracts-Juju area of Iambi. SNOT has three campuses: two in Iambi and one in Pun. Being a university it has colleges in parts of Maharajah’s, Gujarat, Assam, and Ago, as well. On 2 July 1916 the first college started with the enrollment of five students; it gradually took shape as a women’s university.

Karee did not wait for the government permission Tort Tunas. The vision of Maharajah Karee and the foresight of Sir Valhalla Thacker’s led to the establishment of the first women’s university in India. Recognizing the pioneering work of Karee, Thacker’s made a generous contribution of RSI. 15 lake to commemorate the memory of his mother, Nathalie. In 1920 the university was named Seriatim Nathalie Dammar Thacker’s Women’s University. In 1936, the headquarters was shifted to Bombay. The university continued to grow, providing higher education to more and more women.

In 1951, the university was granted statutory recognition and was renamed as Charisma Nathalie Thacker’s Women’s University now popularly known as SNOT Women’s University. The recognition came along with rare privilege of having a Jurisdiction across the country. Today SNOT has become a symbol of excellence in higher education opportunities for women. University profile Today, the University has an enrolment of over 70,000 students. It has four campuses, located at Churchgoer, Contracts-Juju, Pun and Palomar.

The university has 26 colleges, 38 university departments, 11 faculties. There are 11 undergraduate colleges and 38 postgraduate departments. The university continues to manage three secondary schools for girls, which it had inherited. The university is actively involved in teaching, research and extension. SNOT is the first university in Maharajah’s to obtain a five-star rating from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAACP) of India. MOTTO: Sanskrit Street Paraphrase -An Enlightened Woman is a Source of Infinite

Strength The goals of the SNOT Women’s University emerging from the Vision and Mission are: Provide access to higher education for women through formal and non- formal streams including adult and continuing education. Provide a wide range of professional and vocational courses for women to meet the socio-economic demands. Develop scholarship and research in emerging areas of study, particularly with focus on women’s perspectives. Inculcate among women positive self- concept, awareness of women’s issues and rights with a rational outlook towards society. Ђ Enhance purposeful education with ‘human values’ and social responsibility by participating in outreach programmer. Narrator’s Parades attar Parades Dell,Nylon Territory , Gujarat, Notable alumni Assam any Chitchat Mudguard, noted Hindi writer Shrubs Steroidal, Indian classical music singer Dry. Bahrain Pachysandra, Indian classical music singer Jambalaya Baja] (4 November 1884 – 11 February 1942) was an Indian industrialist, a philanthropist, and Indian independence fighter. [l] He was also a close associate and follower of Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi is known to have adopted him as his son.

He founded the Baja] Group of companies in 1926. 2] The group now has 24 companies, including 6 listed companies. Besides Baja] Auto Ltd, the other major companies in the group include Mukluk Ltd, Baja] Electrical Ltd and Baja] Hindustan Ltd. One of his grandsons, Rural Baja], runs the family flagship company, Baja] Auto. Several institutions in India bears his name, including the Jambalaya Baja] Institute of Management Studies. A locality, JOB Nags,in the sub-urban Andrei in Iambi has been named after him. Jambalaya Baja] Award was established in 1978 by the Jambalaya Baja] Foundation are given away each year on his birth anniversary

Jambalaya Baja] Institute of Management Studies Founded in 1965, Jambalaya Baja] Institute of Management Studies is the third oldest management institute in India. JIBES was established by the University of Iambi in collaboration with the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University. Notable Alumni Chance Cockroach, Managing Director & CEO, CHIC Bank, India Mania Rattan, Acclaimed Indian filmmaker Harris Mania, Global COO, Milliner PL Day Kodak, Chairman and Managing Director, Kodak Maidenhair Bank, India Nit Parent, CEO and Managing Director, Hindustan Milliner Ltd

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