Kurkure’s Innovative Marketing Strategies Assignment

Kurkure’s Innovative Marketing Strategies Assignment Words: 279

Kruger, a snack brand of Frito-Lay In India, launched yet another offering In the market, the Punjabi Kodiak Miasmal. Over the years, the company had launched various products under this brand and also backed these up with Innovative marketing campaigns. Encouraged by the growing popularity of Kruger among Indian consumers, the company also had plans to launch Its products In Western countries.

Would the product receive the same response abroad as It had In India? Issues: Marketing strategy Marketing communication Branding Advertising Introduction: In 1999, PepsiCo (Pepsi) snack food division, Frito-Lay , launched its product Kruger in the Indian salted snack market. The snack proved to be an instant success. By the early asses, Frito-Lay had become a major player in the Indian salted snack market with a market share of above 40%.

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Since its launch, Kruger had been focusing on introducing various flavors using simple, authentic ingredients available in any Indian kitchen… Questions for Discussion: 1 . What have been the Critical Success Factors for Kruger? 2. Do you think continuing with the same strategy of involving the customer in product promotion will ensure Sucker’s success in the coming years or does the brand need to change its strategies significantly? Discuss. 3. Discuss whether Kruger will be able to achieve the same success abroad as it has in India.

What have been the Critical Success Factors for Kruger? Differentiation: To mark 10 years of Its existence, Kruger, Frailty’s Indian Innovation In the salted snack market, Is changing tracks, says Santayana Kara. It came out with a print campaign which told readers how Kruger Is made from what can be found In any Indian kitchen.

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