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The North Face, Inc. Is an American outdoor product company specializing In outerwear, fleece, coats, shirts, footwear, and equipment such as backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags. The clothing and equipment lines are catered towards wilderness chic, climbers, mountaineers, skiers, snowboarders, hikers, and endurance athletes. The company sponsors professional athletes from the worlds of running, climbing, skiing and snowboarding. The North Face brand was established in 1968 in San Francisco, when Douglas Tompkins and Kenneth “Hap” Sloop created an equipment retail store that eventually acquired the name The North Face.

The North Face maintains strong links with the outdoor community through sponsoring athletes, including Lezzy Hawker, winner of the Ultra Trail Tour du Mont Blanch in 2005, 2008 and 2010. Http://eh. Thenceforth. Com/TNT-eh-en/ IF is an U. S. Company which owns many brands. For example: The North Face, Lee, Reef… IF Is a $9 billion apparel and footwear powerhouse, with an incredibly diverse, international portfolio of brands and products that reach consumers wherever they choose to shop.

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Current portfolio: The North Face has a wide range of products in trade including Jackets, footwear, leaping bags etc… towpath. AFC. Com/ IF Corporation (New York Stock Exchange: AFC) of the company to discuss its strategic plan to achieve $ 2. 0 billion of revenue in 2017, mainly through its five major brands in the region – Timberland 8, Lee (the North Face 8, growth in light commercial vehicles (8) and Kipling 8. This represents an annual growth rate of 17% Is expected to be from about 900 million dollars in revenue In 2012.

The company also confirmed that Its 2012 expected Income Increased by approximately 20% in Asia, growth In the low double-dealt rate of revenue growth In Europe on July 19. Asia-Pacific revenues increased nearly five-fold since 2007, we continue to see tremendous growth opportunities. The North Face brand’s goal is to become the undisputed leader of the open-air market in Asia, and the definition of the category, inspire and enable the exploration of outdoor sports brand. The brand is expected of its Asia-Pacific revenues increased by $ 340 million in the next five years, the annual growth rate of 26%.

The brand will benefit from the very strong growth of the outdoor category, the key to economic growth strategy, including grassroots outdoor community involvement, its core aspiring adventurer consumers, expanding door distribution, brand related to localization and digital innovation and brand awareness. Http:// The North Face’s policy Is keeping Its excellent products In excellent quality while developing new products to explore new markets. With its good reputation in the buy outdoor products, they’ll Just think of The North Face. (I. E.

High brand image) It is suggested that The North Face would try to develop watches market in the People’s Republic of China, because it believes that there’s a huge market in watch business n China. It is also suggested that The North Face will create a new brand for the watches business for the markets initially in China. Turnout, if it is proved to be a successful strategy in China, this watches business will be extended its market in other countries in Asia and finally in most part of the world. The new brand name is initially called “I-see” which it means “l can see clearly through the The North Face watch”. I see The North Face” and I’ll buy it. “I-see” The North Face will use top quality material e. G. LED light. This is what the major competitor -?? “Columbia”. The North Face will also use top materials for the watch. It will use high tech for new functions. It shows that there are more advantages for development in the Asia-Pacific region, as the people in the Asia-Pacific region love using The North Face’s products. So, it is suggested that development in the Asia-Pacific region should be continued. Thus, substantial growth in sales there will be achieved. The North Face is a U.

S. Brand. It has many factories in some big cities in China and India in recent years. Because of rapid economic development in China, Chinese people are becoming richer and richer, and more willing to buy high-quality products with a higher price. So, it is suggested that the new products will first be launched in China and Hong Kong. The North Face has its own manufacturing plants in China’s major cities. What it needs is to add additional production lines for the new products in some of the existing plants rather than opening new manufacturing plants for the new products.

It is easier to put in production of the new products by adding new production lines in the existing manufacturing plants rather than setting up new manufacturing plants. Besides, it can save a lot of money in initial investment and reduce the large capital requirements of setting up new plants. The North Face co- branding program is aimed at an innovative new brand “I-see” for developing a series of watch products to explore the market in mainland China and Hong Kong first, and will then be expanded to all over the world. Tough lightweight material tree line is designed for outdoor equipment having the highest functional.

Direction measurement function, 1/100 second chronograph, temperature measurement unction, ACH countdown timer function data (save 10 run data, total time, best lap, average lap display), 2, alarm, backcloth function, waterproof lobar, plastic bezel, polyurethane tape, mineral glass reference technique single track, by detecting the direction of movement of the shift. Lead to large outdoor display the correct path of the user, powerful features, and a wide range of temperature measurement and countdown timer, you. The Reference Technology is a feature added specifically for mono compass mode.

Functions, to simplify navigation goal setting, goal-oriented tenting at the press of a button, the direction of the goal of the watches. Once it is set and point to the direction of the target set is always blinking triangle. The clock clockwise direction, triangle moves counterclockwise flashing and vice versa. Just hope to go back to the starting position, we set up. Addition, the camera lens in the watch convenient usage. Watches multifunctional purposes. Variety of designs. Easy to use because of the brand can bring consumer confidence, consumer show off psychology will also bring out the Chinese Take love brand-name products, The

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