Marketing story Assignment

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The strategic implementation of Fresh Funky Feet will follow a cost leadership strategy, as we strive to gain significant market share in the North American and Asian Pacific regions. Our core strengths will be positioning our product differently than other competitors in the areas of production and cost.

In the areas of manufacturing and human resources we plan to build and maintain steady growth as the company will spend significant resources in upgrading our production facilities and providing our staff with all the needed tools and knowledge to maximize efficiency at all level s of production. Although this will not be an easy task to achieve, we plan on reaching this goal by assessing all the risks that come with loans we take out, under and over production of products, and market demands.

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Unlike other company’s we plan on pursing steady growth and sustainability, therefore in the first few years our assets will be focused in the areas of plant upgrades, employee training and brand awareness/positioning. We strongly believe these factors are the key to our success and growth as a company. Furthermore the capital invested in production capabilities will allow us to later expand our product lines with new innovations and offer our customers a higher quality premium brand.

The marketing plan of our company will focus on turning our current product into a cash cow, which will later fund other products and projects. In order to achieve this function the marketing of our current product will focus on the segments of both women and men between the ages of 14 to 35 who are active and enjoy quality footwear at a relatively low cost. Capturing a significant portion of this segment will greatly benefit our company due to this segments large disposable income

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