The Role of Public Relations Assignment

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These artifacts consist of brochures, bulletins used on material similar to a paper-like substance. In these scriptures were the teachings of specific techniques to improve farming and other harvesting strategies (Smith, 2004). One of the founders of public communication was Path-hotel, an accomplice to one of the many Egyptian pharaohs, introduced his idea of letting the public be aware of the events taking place at that time. He encouraged the people to speak clearly, catch the audience’s attention and maintain proper poise when lecturing to their people.

As we jump ahead in time to the colonization of America, an abundant amount of tactics were taken to spread idea of public relations. For instance during the American Revolution, groups such as the Caucus club and The Committee of Correspondence were all created to benefit their communication customs during the war (Smith, 2004). Not only were these groups the most important during the revolution, activist groups such as the Sons of Liberty were created to help their movement in promoting change.

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Whether it was to change new oral order, environmental strategies, political agree and disagreements, etc. It was originated because of the peoples hunger to advocate public relations and its effect on the world. Is public relations considered a profession? Some say no while others believe it is one of the most vital professions in today’s society. I consider public relations to be a true profession because communication is crucial when an employer decides to govern a business or if an employee of an organization needs to reach out to the public for ideas on an advertising pitch.

As a result we can see how public relations can help you reach your goal to success. I can assure you that anybody will consider public relations to be a favorable asset to companies, organizations and even monopolies. One reason why many companies are in favor of this profession is because they expect their companies to have a valuable reputation throughout society in which public relations is in charge of. Many of whom find public relations to be important when dealing with the marketing structure of the organization.

Communicating the significance of the product or message IS determined by the success one has with their public relations plan. Another reason why public relations is a favorable attribute is due to the fact that they are heavily involved with crisis management support systems all around the world. Having a plan in advance creates less confusion in the long run. Natural disasters, economic depression, product failure, etc. Happen daily so having a resourceful plan reduces the risk of hesitation causing jobs and even lives (Inc. , 2006).

Media relations and community relations coincide with each other. For example, media relations work with radio stations, newspaper ads and television stations providing informational commercials. What media relations specialist do for their organizations is to effectively transfer the message out to the community. Supporting urban renewal is a key factor in grabbing the publics attention. As I previously stated, media relations help convey the memo so that community relations can promote beneficial issues about a citizen or organization in that community (Inc. 2006). Public relations is under much scrutiny from the American public. I say that because people constantly question the ideas and motives of this profession. Whether it’s considering public relations to be a profession and the speculation over the fact that it can be either favorable or unfavorable, PR is vital to the world of communication. This profession is a way to generate new relationships with other businesses and to create better public awareness. In order for public relations to continue its dynamic reputation as a profession, action needs to take place.

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